Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Buying a horse with no history is a big gamble.  
When I made the decision to buy Boca, I was basically rolling the dice.

Hello, Human. Who are you?
In yesterday's post, I mentioned I had some guesses as to the 
7 year blank period in Boca's life.

My guesses were (are) as follows:
1) Pasture Ornament
2) Backyard Trail Horse
3) Yahoo-Cowboy "Handy Broke" Western horse
some combination of the above.

Move along, Human. Nothing to see here.

When I got Boca home and started working with him/riding him, there were some clues that gave me the guesses formed above. Here are a few of the things that I found.
- He didn't have the muscle tone or balance to stand on 3 feet when I picked his hooves.  He would lose his balance and fall over within seconds.
- When I put on an english bridle and fastened the noseband, he almost sat down in surprise
- There were no holes in his hooves from nails. No evidence he had ever been shod.
- When the farrier nailed on his back shoes, he did sit down in surprise.
- His mane lay perfect -- on the left side of his neck. I had read somewhere online that many horses used for roping have manes trained over to the left, as most people are right-handed.
Mane so perfect - except on the "wrong" side.

- He hated to be stalled. Our barn has 10-12 hour turnout daily. The stalls are all 14x12. I have lived in apartments in NYC that were smaller (and not as nice).

But most importantly, this horse was not ring broke.
The horse I now owned had no steering. You could not touch his mouth.  He did not have any idea how to give to pressure.  
Leg = Go.

I think Boca's "training" to this point could best be summed up by this post written on Fugly Horse:


  1. He sounds a lot like my QH which I also picked up from a horse dealer.

    1. Mmm yes... "handy broke" western horses present some interesting training challenges! LOL

  2. From those clues I'm guessing definitely a combination! I can't wait to see what you do with him. Looking forward to comparison posts/pictures/videos. :)

    1. That is my guess too! His breeder was happy to hear he was being used. She said many horses in that area end up sitting around as pasture ornaments.