Friday, December 12, 2014

How Boca Got His Name

True Confession: I am terrible at naming animals. I get a mental block whenever I need to come up with a name.
Example: Jersey
Gratuitous Puppy Picture
Jersey came to us with the name... Jersey.  It doesn't really suit him, we don't really like it, but the shelter said he knew his name (doubtful) and that we should probably change as little as possible, as so much else in his life was in upheaval.
Tuff did not suit my new pony at all.  He is the opposite of Tuff. Boca is probably the most outwardly affectionate horse I have ever met. Every human is a new friend. He will greet you at the gate, every time, whether you are bringing him in for work or food. If I leave him alone on the crossties and return, he will call to me  like I am his long lost friend. At the end of a lesson, he likes for my instructor to hold his entire head in her arms.

U Bring Food?
I was certain of only one thing. I did not want to give him a human name.
Don't get me wrong, human names can be really cute on animals. However, I seem to end up in barns that have a preponderance of geldings with human names.  My new pony was coming into a barn that already had a Ryan, an Alex, a Sam and a Billy Bob.
I tried to come up with a casino-type name, as I was taking such a gamble on him, but we already had a Gambler in the barn, and Baccarat didn't exactly roll off the tongue.
Boca was actually "Sunny" for a few days, as it suited his personality, his sire and his coloring, but in the end it wasn't original enough and didn't stick.
I really liked the name Dallas, but for some reason, when I saw him in person, it just didn't suit him, and it had no meaning. It did give me the idea to research cities and towns in Florida. I already had Jersey, so a 2nd animal with a geographic-type name would work.
I did find some really cute and clever ideas, but the one that seemed to work best was Boca.
And so, Boca is named after Boca Grande, a small residential community on Gasparilla Island in Florida.


  1. I hear you. I am TERRIBLE at naming animals.

  2. Awesome! There is a Boca Raton in Florida too. I honeymooned near there in 2009. :D I'm horrible at naming animals too! Chrome came with his, dad named Zep and someone suggested Jackal's name to me. None of them are my own original idea. :)

    1. Boca Raton is the more obvious choice, but loosely translated it means "Mouth of the Rat" so I try to stay away from that association :)

      I LOVE the name Chrome! BTW, he is Gorgeous!!!

    2. Oh my goodness!! I had no idea that it translated to that LOL! Definitely stick with Boca Grande!! :D Thank you for complimenting Chrome. I love the name too. The breeder told me I could change it and I said no way, I love it. :D

  3. I like Boca! Personally, I don't like human names for animals either... but I have ALWAYS had animals with human names in my adult life. Horses were Lydia, Elvis, Beckett (last name) and Simon. Dogs are Eliot and Pascale and Claudette (but we call her BT). I guess I'm a weirdo.

    1. Thanks! I didn't really like "Boca" at first but it seemed to stick and was different enough, so I kept it.

      None of my loved ones go by their given name anyway. They all have about 100 nicknames.