Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Barn

 I love the barn where I board.
I think it is so important that both you as a rider and your horse are comfortable and happy where you board. I have been at barns where I was not comfortable or happy, and I can tell you it sucks. Find your happy place - it's out there.

The barn where I board is relatively new. I think it was built maybe 3 to 4 years ago.  The guy who owns and built the farm has two Shire horses, so everything, in addition to being brand new, is ginormous.
I could live in Boca's stall.
Large, airy aisles

Wash stall with hot & cold water
Large outdoor with lights
We have access to beautiful trails right off the property, which is getting harder to find in my area.

The only issue????
The Indoor. Or lack thereof.

The indoor was supposed to be up by November 1st.  
As you can see, that hasn't happened.

Winter in New England without an indoor SUCKS.

This week, the weather pattern dumped over 3" rain in two days.
Although we were grateful it wasn't snow, the outdoor was unrideable for days. Most nights, when I get out of work, temps are in the upper 30's and it is dark out. A girl can only deal with so much - Dark or Cold or Bad Footing - but not all three.

So, like it or not, these days I am turning into more of a Weekend Warrior than I would like. Winter riding - the struggle is real.


  1. It sounds like like it will be perfect once the indoor is up. The stalls look really nice!

  2. The barn is gorgeous.

    I did three years without an indoor (not NE) and I am DONE. It's indoor time.

    1. Yeah, everyone at the barn is super bummed. First the town delayed issuing the permits, then the contractor backed out. I'm about ready to climb up there and operate the crane myself!

  3. Wow that barn is awesome!!!!! I hope they get the indoor done asap in the spring. I don't have an arena either so I feel like a weekend warrior too right now. :(