Sunday, December 14, 2014

Saturday Ride

Although he had 5 days off, Boca was a very good pony yesterday.

Hello Human.  I am on vacation, no?

Say what?  Today we ride?

Boke came out with a small hump in his back, which translated into one or two cow kicks at my leg. His attempts to be naughty are few and far between, and generally laughable.

Boke settled into work and gave me a really nice ride. He is getting much more relaxed and steady in the contact. 

We actually have steering and can maintain rhythm, for the most part.

Tracking right is still much harder than tracking left, as he pushes his ribcage in and braces against you.

Cannot... Bend...Around...Inside Leg.

We ended the ride doing some trot poles. Once we were successful in both directions, he got some cuddles and got turned back out. Overall, very pleased with our ride.


  1. Stiff to the right? I feel ya! Lol

    If Bisou gets more than 2 days off our right circles are square.

    1. Yay, Julie! You found me! I tried to write you back on FB, but it kept saying message failed and I got frustrated and gave up :( I wasn't able to watch Gantry's race, but I read the charts - sounds like a good performace! Wish he was still with your husband.

    2. Me too, but he visits him almost every day. We both miss gantry a ton.

  2. Super cute. He reminds me a lot of my old QH.

  3. Good boy! I love his face! So cute.