Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TOA Blog Hop: History of the Horse, Part II

And so, after a grand total of 1 trial ride, 1 PPE and having laid eyes on the him only 2 times, I bought the red horse and brought him home.

Fancy Stall Gate. You know you're jealous.

At this point, I had no history on him.

The dealer had bought him at auction in Florida a week prior. He said he "might have been a backyard trail horse or something".
That was the sum total of what I knew about him.

He didn't even have a name. I had his APHA registration papers. His registered name was Hancocks Tuff. He was foaled in Havana, FL in 2005.

Being the good internet stalker that I am, I started taking information from his registration papers and through the powers of Google, was able to piece together somewhat of his past.

I found the catalog for the sale that he went through in Florida.  Not a lot of info there.

Next, I found his sire.
It was easy to see where Boca got his coloring!

APHA Sunnys Easy Money

That was all I had to go on for a few months. His breeder's name was listed on the back of his registration papers, but I was afraid to contact them. For some weird reason, I thought I'd find out some wild story, like he was stolen and sold to auction and they wanted him back.

I finally reached out to them in October 2014.

I signed up to go to a team sorting event with a friend at the barn.  Although I primarily *attempt* to ride Hunter/Jumper, one thing you will learn about me is that I want to do ALL THE THINGS.

I had ridden in Team Penning events in the past, and thought it was a hoot.
So I signed us up and thought "What's the worst that can happen?
He'll see baby cows, freak out, dump me in the sand, and we will learn that this was, in fact, not a good idea."

What I learned that day was that Boca KNEW cows.  I mean, he was not some super-duper cutting horse prodigy, but he got right into the herd and bumped and pushed and sorted his little heart out.  This horse had worked cows before.

Armed with a more burning curiosity, I google-stalked his breeder that Sunday, and called what turned out to be a very nice woman. P remembered Boca(Tuff) clearly.

Lil Stinker!

P had bred and raised him on her farm in Florida.  She had him until he was about 2 years old, at which point he had been sold to be trained as a roping horse - a header. P was actually surprised to learn he had been sold and was all the way up in Massachusetts.  She was happy to learn he was in a good spot, and promised to send me what pics she had of him.

Aren't I cute???

So that is the history of Boca, as I know it.  I know ages Birth to 2 years old.
Ages 2 to 9 are a blank. I could offer you some guesses as to what I think he may have done, but that is all they would be - guesses.

Who he is now, and where we go from here remains to be determined. Hopefully we go on to master all low-level things and have fun doing it!


  1. So jealous of your baby pictures!!!! Neat you found so much history on him.

  2. I tracked down Courage's breeder for baby pictures and they don't even remember him. :-( Yours are adorable!

  3. Oh my!!!! What a darling little baby he was!! I LOVE the pictures!!!!