Thursday, January 29, 2015

Goals for 2015

Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort;
an aim or desired result.

I realize I am a little late in the game to be stating my goals for 2015.
I have pretty much known all along what they are in my head, so I haven't really bothered to put them down on paper or type them out online.
They aren't lofty or huge or unobtainable by any means, but they are important to me.
And that's all they need to be.

1) Develop a 'Confirmed' Canter

I am borrowing this 'confirmed' term from the Dressage people, because I feel like it really expresses what I am going for here. It was defined on COTH as when a horse "gives the right response nearly all of the time, when asked correctly", "without any extraordinary preparation or unusually loud aids".

This is a two-part goal.

Part One:  Develop clean, balanced, non-dramatic canter transitions.
No flailing, head-flinging, bucking, ear pinning or running away.

Part Two: Be able to maintain several circles of quality canter.

Because Paint horses can canter. 

2) Jump an 18" to 2' Course

At a trot or a canter (or a combination of both), I would like to be able to jump a course (18" to 2' foot), be organized, have straightness and rhythm, and for Boca to have fun and enjoy doing it. This can be at home, in a clinic, at a show -- I don't care. I just want to achieve it somewhere, somehow.

More this, less costume.

3) Put More Fitness on Boca

Maybe I am too used to a history of riding thoroughbreds or TB-crosses, but damn I have never had a horse that has been harder to get fit! We have 5-6 miles of trails right off the farm, but I'd like to get Boca out on some 8-10 mile rides and get his fitness level up. And do more trotting and cantering on rides. Mostly we just walk and that is not going to cut it long term. We need to up the ante.

Many more miles of this.

4) Beach Ride!!!

This is not an if it's a when. Last fall, a friend and I had plans to trailer our horses to Cape Cod and ride on the beach. Two times we picked a date, two times we got rained out.  This spring/summer we will not be denied.  There will be pictures!!!

Boca and I are going to ride on this beach.
This WILL happen.


  1. It's good to have goals. good luck!

  2. Those are all great goals! Best of luck!

  3. I love your goal! Especially the beach ride

  4. Aww so excited for the beach pics! :) Great goals!

  5. love these!! i think they're great and attainable goals in and of themselves - but i especially like how goals 1-3 complement each other so well. successful completion of any one of them will naturally help in completing the others. good luck!!