Thursday, January 15, 2015

My 5 Favorite Horse Photos

I was nominated on Facebook to share my 5 Favorite Horse Photos,
So I thought I would share them on my blog as well.

Gantry 2008
This is Gantry, aka Rhumball.
For a short time I was a yearling groom at a very high end
thoroughbred racehorse farm in KY. Rhumball was my favorite
yearling out of the 5 colts I groomed. Rhummy went on to set a Belmont track record, is a graded stakes winner, ran in the 2012 Breeder's Cup Sprint, and has lifetime earnings of $848,331. But he'll always be my goofy baby :)

Boca 2014
This picture is from Boca & I's first schooling show.
I love my smile and his pleasant expression, and his 
mane blowing in the breeze against a bright blue sky.

Lexi 2013

Cantering bareback through the snow!
Enough said!

Boca 2014
Boca's 1st time jumping, at the Halloween Hunter Pace.

Louiseville Luminary 2008
Cuddling with my other favorite colt in KY 2008.
Sure wish I knew where this boy is now. :(

So there you have it!  What are YOUR 5 favorite horse photos?


  1. These are great. The snow one is awesome.

  2. Plus, gantry brought US together lol. He's still doing great. I asked for him for Christmas, then he won again and did not appear under my tree :(

    1. Hunter Paces are awesome! A chance to jump cross-country without the silly dressage nonsense beforehand of eventing or the requirement of proper riding attire, as in foxhunting. It's basically a trail ride with jumps!

      I wish you did get Gantry for Christmas!!! That way I would know he was loved and taken care of! I would love to have him myself when he retires, but not sure I could afford to support 2. Do you think Evelyn would ever give him up?

    2. I'm not sure! Lol

      If she does, I'll make sure it's to one of us. Maybe we can share custody.