Friday, January 2, 2015


I hope you all had wonderful and productive New Years' holidays!
I... did not.

Which is not to say it was not enjoyable, but I took one look at the temperatures outside, and decided to do some "blanket therapy", which involved a lot of reading, surfing the web, cuddling with the puppy and napping. Oh, and pizza. productive.

Now is the time of year where I struggle a lot with motivation.
I hate the extreme cold the way a cat hates water.

I suffer from Raynaud's Disease, which is excessively reduced blood flow to your extremeties, in response to cold or stress. I basically wear at least two layers of clothes (sometimes more) from November - April. I should buy stock in those chemical heat warmer packets. I would keep the company in the black.

I haven't seen my pony since Monday. I assume he is still alive or the barn would have called me. I just could not find any motivation to go out to the barn in the freezing cold.
Last year, in the great arctic chill of 2013-2014, I made the decision that I would not ride if it was under 32 degrees. I know many people can and do, but A) I do not want to come off when the ground is frozen and B) It is too damn cold.

The 2-day mid-week holiday was not a complete loss, though.
With my Christmas money, I was able to make 2 exciting purchases:

Purchase # 1
A new Herm Sprenger Horse & More Copper-PLUS double-jointed Eggbutt Snaffle.


Purchase # 2

I had a really hard time spending $150 on a set of clippers.  I searched high and low for a bargain.  I even bought and returned a set of Oster Golden A5 clippers.  But in the end, the universal feedback was that the Andis AGC Super 2-Speed clipper was worth the investment.

Also, because my husband is obsessed with home improvement projects, (thank God one of us is) our Christmas gift to each other was a new rug for our living room. Husband manfully ripped up the old rug while I was at work.  Luckily, he was properly supervised.
Helpful puppy is helpful.
Also, I interrupted my jam-packed schedule of reading, napping, snacking and on-line shopping long enough to clean the refridgerator, so all was not lost on the productivity front.


  1. I bought the same clippers! And I used them on my dog today! And they still work! And I never want to clip another dog again!

    1. I can't believe you clipped your dog! How did that go? Was it worse than clipping a horse? Do you still have all your fingers? :)

  2. I don't ride if it's below 45° here (which doesn't happen very often) so no judgement from me. Blanket therapy is completely justified when it's that cold out. The new clippers and bit are great!