Monday, January 26, 2015


So, I woke up to THIS on Saturday morning, which was unexpected and also completely unwelcome, as I had hoped to ship over to the fancy indoor this weekend.


The puppy, on the other hand, was completely delighted, as he loves snow. We went on a short walk, and I tried to take some pics, but Jersey is fast as hell, plus I was juggling his leash, my cell phone and a pair of gloves. So, fail.

One decent pic.


Artful Puppy Prints in Snow

I was 100% mentally committed to riding this weekend, come hell or high water. So, when I got to the barn, I threw on my trail bridle, my "oh shit" neck strap, my bareback pad and a wool cooler and headed out on the trails. Per usual, Boca had not been ridden in 6 days. The horses had not yet been turned out, and I don't know if he's ever seen snow. Which made for an interesting trail ride.

He was definitely wired for sound. The visual changes in landscape and the unusual sounds of snow blowers and snow falling from branches definitely rattled his brain a little bit. He called for other horses as we walked down the trail, which he NEVER does. We had jigging, a few half-rears, and a very white-eyed, concerned pony. Of course, I have no photographic documentation of our ride, as I had one hand on the reins and one on my "oh shit" strap.

I will say, we did manage some trotting and 2 canters, and we were able to walk home on the buckle with our brains in our respective heads, so I will call that a win. At this point, I'm just trying not to lose any and all fitness for both of us. Improving what we've got will have to resume in the spring when we go back to having a ring to ride in and weekly lessons.

 In other news....
We are expecting SNOWMAGEDDON 2015

Yes, that's right. We are expecting 24-30 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.
Hubby has beer, I have ice cream, puppy has us, so I expect we will all survive.


  1. Good luck! Puppy snuggles help with many ills

  2. You make me want a Boca. That ride sounds glorious.

  3. yikes that's a lot of snow!! good for you for still riding anyways haha (and 'oh shit' straps are my FAVE!)