Monday, January 19, 2015

The Queen of Questionable Decisions

Hello human. Where you bring me???

I am the queen of questionable decisions when it comes to horses and riding.
This is why I own a virtually bombproof horse, so I don't die as a result of said decisions.

I haven't ridden my horse in a ring or with a saddle on in about, oh three weeks or so.
After a week of temps with highs in the 20's, our outdoor is frozen solid.
So today, even though the weather was a balmy 51 degrees, riding in our ring was out.

Many of my co-boarders decided to use the indoor across the street. The downside to that is that the indoor is dark, tiny and has stalls inside the indoor, from which horses scream at you as you ride by. Fun.

As I was standing in the aisle, debating what to do, another boarder pulled in with
her truck and trailer already hitched up. This woman has negotiated a flat fee to
ship in to a local indoor that is GORGEOUS - amazing footing, awesome jumps,
well lit and huge.

Yes, this is their actual ring. *drool*

So, without further ado, when she asked me if I wanted to come along,
of course I said yes.  Of course I would load up my hairy, unclipped yak
of a pony that had not been ridden in 8 days, take him to a strange indoor
and ride.  What could possibly be wrong with that decision??? AMIRIGHT???

I wish I had pictures and/or video of this gorgeous barn and my ride.
But alas, I do not, because I was busy dealing with my fired-up pony.

I have to say, he is such a good boy. He definitely had a huge hump in his back,
and he started off firing out karate-kicks when I got on. Then he tried to run away
with me, which was also hilarious. My poor red pony is really not gifted in the
athleticism department, so his antics were actually quite funny.

Hiyah! I am the Karate Horse!

Because I feel pretty confident that I can ride whatever he throws at me,
I don't get nervous or upset at Boca's antics. I actually find him hilarious,
and my ability to laugh at him and his ridiculousness keeps me loose and
relaxed. I was proud of myself for not pulling, for keeping my shoulders back,
my chest open, my heels down and my hands soft. I did not do tense,
hunched, pulling, monkey-humping-a-football position, which I consider a win.

It was definitely a lot to throw at the little red horse, and he really is a saint.
Once we got past his fresh stage, he really went quite well.
He did not do his crazy, twisty-neck open-mouth resistance once,
which I consider progress. I was seriously tempted to pop over a few of their super
nice fences, set at 18" and 2', but as he is super unfit, I settled for a few quiet laps of walk-trot and called it a day. I stuffed his face with treats, told him what a good boy he was and put him back on the trailer.


  1. That's a really nice indoor! I'm glad that you were able to get to ride.

  2. Oooooh what a pretty indoor. Glad you had fun!

  3. Such a nice indoor! What is life without a little adventure?