Friday, January 23, 2015

Thermal Imaging

Yesterday when the saddle fitter visited, I forgot to get updated thermal images of my saddle fit. The saddle fitter took them, I was just too busy geeking out over her greyhound to pay attention to, ya' know, what she was actually there to do.

The cuteness! D'oh!

In lieu of current pictures, I thought I would share with you the thermal images I do have from our original saddle fit session, which was back in August 2014.

Here is the initial image of the saddle, as I had purchased it. Ideally, you want to see an even contact along the underside of the saddle panels, with no pressure points. My saddle was definitely not ideal, with the back left panel barely making contact, and a weird pressure point midway.


When she got into the guts of the flocking of saddle, over time, the wool had formed into some really compressed, hard balls. She took out the old wool and re-flocked my saddle with top quality, new white wool.

The resulting thermal image of the saddle panels, after re-flocking with new wool, shows a more consistent, even contact.


I haven't reviewed the science behind thermal imaging as it correlates to saddle fit, but hey, it looks cool!

Also, a PSA to all you other horse people out there in winterland...

You may want to make sure you discharge the static electricity built up from all your layers of clothes rubbing together before touching your horse's FACE.


Umm, yeah. Sorry about that Boca.


  1. Those images are cool! I have electrocuted Simon before and he was not a big fan.

  2. aw poor Boca!! the thermal imaging thing is always so interesting to me!! i don't think my fitter uses it... but i definitely want to try it out sometimes!!! (and also, i zapped my mare repeated with a fleece cooler - oops - and now she gives EVERY blanket the hairy eyeball! lol)

  3. I love thermal imaging! We mostly use it on the horses, but the Chiro used it on my saddle last time she came out and it explained a lot.

  4. Very cool saddle images. Boca looks so offended in that picture!

  5. Wow, those thermal images are really neat! Thanks for sharing