Wednesday, January 7, 2015

True Confessions: Friends, Please Stop Trying to Sell Me Sh*t

Lately, my facebook had been flooded with requests to join parties, both IRL and online, to promote a certain ubiquitous nail art.

Profit off your friends!  It's fun and easy to do!
This brings up a long held grudge I have against friends trying to sell me shit that they benefit from in some way, either in cold hard cash or with product.
Now, some of these friends have known me since our grade school days, and I have to say, I haven't changed much. Back in those days, I was obsessed with perfecting my flying changes on my imaginary horse at recess, while other girls stood around in clumps talking about boys. Fast forward 30 years or so, and the dynamics are basically the same.
So imagine my surprise when, 20 years later, I find myself invited over a friend's house to enjoy a girls day, which turns into a product pitch for an expensive skin care line.
Now, here are some fun facts about me. I buy my makeup at Walmart.
My beauty routine consists of washing my face.  Sometimes.
Okay, truth is most nights I am too lazy to wash my face before bed,
 and I end up sleeping in my makeup until it gives me zits.
When my nails get long-ish, it drives me nuts and I cut them off.

Clean, Short, Functional. Not bedazzled.

In short, there is nothing about me, in any way, shape or form, that would suggest I would be remotely interested in nail art, expensive skin cream, over-priced silver jewelry, or
faux designer handbags/clothing/boots.
I pay the equivalent of a 2nd mortgage every month to support my horse.
My financial priorities do not extend to (or permit) $15 nail art.
(that will buy me 2+ bags of shavings, dammit).

I will happily come over and have a girls night. We can talk about anything and everything - jobs, kids, husbands, health, family - anything.

Just please, please do not invite me over with the expressed intent of selling me something I have no interest in, and that you will make money off of. 
It annoys me and is mildly insulting.

In return, I promise if I ever host a party to sell some horsey-related product,
you will not be on the guest list.



  1. Agreeeeeeeee. Can't stand all the "parties"

  2. That surprise party would have pissed me off. I will unfriend people for shit like that.

    I don't do sales parties. If you don't know me enough as a person to understand that, you don't know me enough to invite me to a party.

    And if you just really, truly need the $20 ASK AND I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU.