Tuesday, January 20, 2015

True Confessions: I Hate Hairnets.

Something occured to me the other day as my co-boarder and I unloaded our horses at the fancy indoor. As I watched my co-boarder grab her helmet and her hairnet, 
I realized it hadn't even occurred to me to BRING a hairnet.

Which made me realize I have something to get off my chest:



Now, granted, I think we have established that I am no threat to Andre Dignelli's squad of Super-Eq riders. But, when I returned to the show ring in my 30's, I had no idea there were established, unwritten rules of turnout that included the use of hairnets. And neither did my trainer, who had last been a force in the Hunter show world sometime in the 1970's.

Now, another fun fact about me is that I have always had big hair.
A lot of thick, long, big hair. My high school nickname was Slash.

Take me down to the Paradise City

And so, in my return to riding in the 21st century, I chose a helmet that actually 
FIT MY HEAD, and merrily rode along with my hair in a bun behind me.

Ignorance is bliss

Imagine my surprise and chagrin when I moved to the Hunter Show Barn and was promptly met with looks of horror and disdain when I continued to ride with my hair in a bun. My helmet was promptly declared unsuitable, and another was obtained that would fit with my giant ass hair inside my helmet. This required feats of engineering that would astound MIT students at the post-doctorate level.

This is where my hatred of hairnets came into play. I could not, for the life of me, figure out a repeatable system to wrangle my hair into a hairnet and shove the whole hot mess up into my helmet. It was itchy and uncomfortable, and there was a lot of poking the hairnet elastic up into the brim of my helmet, where it would bunch, itch and sweat for the remainder of the day. I could not take said helmet off and face the whole process again. So I was hot, itchy and miserable. I promptly refused to wear a hairnet for anything other than showing, which made me a barn favorite (not) in the aspiring A-circuit hunter show barn.

Which brings me to another gripe. If we are putting such emphasis on helmet awareness and safety, why are we encouraging a practice that sacrifices correct helmet fit in order to serve fashion??? As long as your hair is neat and tidy and not blocking your number, I see no reason why it should be required to be up in your helmet.

I am all for THIS:

If it is good enough for the British, it's good enough for me.

Maybe I'll start a grassroots movement to change society's norm in the show ring.
Hairnet Haters of the world, UNITE!


  1. While I don't particularly love hairnets, I love hunter hair. For me there's no other option! I will say that I have thin, straight hair so it's easy to put up.

  2. I hate them to and back when I was in that world, I could never get the "hunter hair" look right. On a good note, long pony tails are now a popular look in the jumper ring. I agree though, why is a bun such a bad thing?

  3. I agree!! Comfort is much more important to me and I hate the itchy forehead! I bought a little clip on hairnet bun holder (with a cute little bow) and just french braid my hair and put the ends in that and bobby pin any extra hairs. So much more comfortable!

    1. What is this awesomeness you speak of? I need to know more about this clip-on hairnet bun holder! Can you post a link?

    2. They have been around for ages, but they are still frowned upon in hunter land. I, too, have a ton of hair that I simply CANNOT get up in a helmet.


    3. http://www.victorycanter.com/Ovation-Premium-Show-Bow.html?gclid=CJ_WnoPrpcMCFdgBgQodWZkANA

  4. Replies
    1. We should start an anti-hairnet club :) Pres & Vice-Pres ;)

  5. eh, i kinda love my hairnets (and ride with them every.single.time). i have hair like yours - but it drives me absolutely bananas when it touches my face... maybe that's kinda a 'unique' (or ocd) thing... but whatever keeps the hair off my face is my friend!

  6. I never ride without a hairnet because my hair is so wild and untamed it drives me NUTS, haha

  7. Coming from a brit here, as someone who cannot even stand to wear my hair in a bun below my helmet (eww all the touching of my neck stop!) I cannot understand the idea of placing a non fitting helmet atop my head and hair. I just don't get it. Single braid of ponytail any day for this girl.