Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 Reasons Why My Horse is Awesome

1) Chrome
They say a good horse is never a bad color, but it doesn't hurt that Boca is a good horse and happens to be my favorite color. Chromed out red horses are my absolute favorite.

2) Brain
Boca is both brave and curious, which I love. If something is new and different, he wants to approach it and check it out, not run away.

3) Affectionate
He loves people, and is the most demonstrative horse I have ever met.

4) Great with other horses
He has great social skills and can be turned out in groups or alone.

5) He enjoys being groomed

Oooh that's the spot

6) Boca is good for the Vet, Farrier and Dentist -- no sedation needed

7) He loads and trailers great and *BONUS* ties to the trailer

8) He is the same horse off property as he is at home

Whoa, wild beast

9) He loves water
Once he learned there were no alligators in Massachusetts, he thought that water was pretty neat. 

10) He takes care of me
I have felt him re-balance under me if I lose my balance. He never takes advantage if I am not at my best.


  1. He is such a gem. Every rider should be so lucky. :-)

  2. This boy sounds like a keeper :) Lucky you!

  3. aw this is so nice! he sounds like a sweetie :)

  4. dang! what's not to love!? I want one!

  5. #10 is my favorite thing about Miles too!

  6. Ummmm...

    Bisou is #1 , #4, and #7.

    That's it. Sigh. I'm very jealous of Boca sometimes...