Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First World Problems: The Mane

So I have mentioned before how Boca was intended to be a roping horse.
As such, his mane was trained over to the left side.

For the very small schooling show we went to in October, I did train Boca's mane over to the right. It was surprisingly easy to do, and came out pretty well.

After the show, I didn't really keep up with it and it sort of converted to a wild, 
half-and-half look. We were heading into winter, so to keep things simple, 
I trained it back over to the left.

I haven't touched it since. It desperately needs some attention. 
It needs to be pulled and trimmed and cleaned up. 

But I can't decide - left side or right?


These are the exciting things I have to focus on while I wait for Spring.


  1. I feel your pain! My mare has a super long mane that falls on the left side - and it's totally alien to me coming from h/j land.... But she's not my horse so I don't mess w it lol. Good luck! (Fwiw he looks great in the show pic w it trained over)

    1. Thanks! It did train over surprisingly easy. Guess I need to break out the rubber bands and wait for a day I can go without gloves for a bit :)

  2. Both of mine do the half and half thing...and I am incapable of making a decision so they stay that way :)

  3. Although he looks good both ways I would say right purely because my friend's gelding has his mane falling on the left and I always find fastening his head collar without getting it tangled such a chore lol!

  4. If you intend to show, I'd train it over to the right and keep it that way. That's the 'traditional' look.

    1. Thanks! I think I am leaning towards right as well.

  5. I really have no preference for which side the mane is on... as long as its all on one side!