Monday, February 16, 2015

Have Trailer, Will Travel

So one of the coolest things about the past year was that I got my very own first trailer.

I have always wanted a trailer of my very own, so I can go do *all the things* and not be beholden to anyone else for transport.


The truck is technically hubby's work truck, but I get to use it for all the horse things.
It is a mid-2000's Toyotoa Tundra. It came with a factory installed towing package,
so it was nearly trailer ready.

The trailer is a 1989 Kingston 2-Horse Bumper Pull, Extra-Wide, Extra-Tall.
I was very lucky, in that I was able to purchase it from a very good friend of my trainer.
Buying an older model trailer second-hand is a little nerve-wracking,
as obviously, precious cargo.
Our first trip in the new trailer - everyone survived!
A few things to consider if you are thinking of buying a used trailer:
- Make sure the frame is solid.
  The frame is bearing the weight of your precious pony, so make sure it is in good condition
  and damage-free.
- Floor. Make sure the floor of the trailer is solid. No rotting or weak spots.
- Wiring. Wiring = Brakes and Lights, so, very important to be in good working order.
- Trailer Tires. Just like a car, the trailer tires should have good tread and should be rated
  to carry the weight of the trailer + cargo.
- Ramp. Make sure the ramp is solid, not rotted, and that the mats are in good condition and
- Latches. Door, ramp, window latches must all be in tip top shape
- Weight Rating make sure your trailer is rated to accomodate the weight of your pony +
- Windows. If the trailer has windows, make sure they work. You don't want your pony to
With great freedom comes great responsibility.
Having a trailer is a wonderful perk. It gives you access to so many cool opportunites.
But along with that comes the incredible responsibility to your own and other's safety.
Most likely, you are towing more weight than any other vehicle on the road, with the execption of commercial tranport vehicles.
It is up to you to operate and maintain your equipment so that everyone arrives at their destination safely!


  1. love it!! having your own transportation really opens up so many opportunities - tho buying used is its own headache (which i def experienced on the truck front). glad you love yours!

  2. I really and truly love having my own transportation. It is a huge deal for me. Luckily, both purchase of used truck and used trailer went exceptionally well. I really am quite happy with both.

  3. I have an '89 Kingston, too. Only it looks like it's an '89, and has lived a long, hard life in all its years. :P

    1. Gotta love the Kingstons! They just won't die :) They have "good bones".

  4. I envy your freedom & ability to pull a horsebox - that takes driving skills I do not possess *shudder* at the mental arithmetic/geometry that reversing requires...maths was never my strong suit in school *faint*

  5. Awesome! That's probably what I'll be looking for when I'm in the market. Love to see them out and about.

  6. Love your rig! For me, the 'greater responsibility' part made me super anxious. Right now, I'm very happy writing a check for hauling.

  7. I'm looking forward to owning a truck & trailer... one day!

  8. I know the feeling. I wasn't planning on getting a trailer, but my folks were extremely nice and got me one in March. My dad, being and ex auto body tech would scrutinize evry little thing. I thought I'd never get a trailer. But I am glad he was as nit-picky as he was. My trailer is super vintage (1979) but it is a sturdy safe one. And there is nothing like getting your first trailer. It's like getting your first car but better cause it's horse related. Be safe in all your fun horsey travels, and remember to watch out for "the other guy."