Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Ok blogging community. Your help is needed. I have a dilemma.

A stall has opened up at the super awesome barn down the street.
The facilities are amazing. I may be able to make the numbers work.

Super awesome indoor with super awesome jumps

The issue? The current barn I am at is the happiest I have been.
I really like the culture there. The community is fun and supportive.
It is all adults. No kids, no drama. Boca is happy there.
But, I have not been able to ride consistently since October.
I am posting some photos of the super awesome barn for you to drool over.


But, what is more important? Facilities? Or Culture?
Also, I am not sure my current goals are in line with the super awesome barn.
I don't want to commit to a hunter/jumper only program.

I am interested in doing some 2-phases, some hunter-paces and maybe dabbling in dressage.

I'm not sure what Boca wants to do yet. Heck, I don't even really know if he jumps.

I mean, I know he will physically go over a low obstacle. But will he *enjoy* jumping the way he will need to in order to do even low-level pursuits. That question has yet to be answered.

Fellow bloggers, help a sister out!

For information on my current barn, Click Here.


  1. If he numbers work could you try it for a few months to see how you fit into their culture (or they yours) if for whatever reason things don't pan out I'm sure your current barn would welcome you back with open arms...

  2. So when you go there and hang out what is the vibe you're getting? (remembering the show barn). I have found that I don't miss the indoor as much as I thought I would. For me, access to trails is important. So I suggest that you make a decision matrix:
    Write down the main qualities that are important (e.g, cost, indoor, trails, care, atmosphere, training, etc). Give each of these a weight based on their importance (should add up to 100). Then assign a score to each feature for each barn out of 10. Multiply the score by the weight and do the totals. the top scorer is your winner.
    clear as mud? ;) My daughter did this in picking her university and it really helped.

  3. umm those facilities are gorgeous!!! it's definitely a hard dilemma, and very personal to boot.

    when selecting barns to train at, i've looked first and foremost at facilities and trainers. good facilities aren't enough if i don't like the trainers... but they're still super important to me.

    for boarding, that's a different story bc i don't make those decisions (since i don't own a horse). my leased horse lives at a farm with mediocre facilities during the warm months, and limited, poor facilities in winter. she's very happy at this farm, and we love the people and culture there, but if she were mine i would likely move her somewhere with an indoor instead of hauling out three times a week.

    is it possible to take a couple lessons at the potential new place (maybe on their horses) to see if you're even interested in the trainers/programs there?

  4. I would think about your goals. Are your goals to putter and just enjoy things with little to no competition? Stay where you are. If your goals are some kind of competitive world down the road (don't get too hung up on discipline yet), then I would move. Just my 2 cents!

  5. It looks like your current barn does have plans for an indoor? I don't know...I think if you love the culture, you should stay put. I board at a place with a great indoor, but no one is ever around, which makes schooling in the dark and cold significantly less fun than if I had a buddy at a less fancy place.

  6. For me, unless the culture is bad, I'd pick facilities first. I'm happiest when I can ride consistently for a multitude of reasons. But it is a very personal decision and as others have said, it's about what YOU want and where YOU want to go :-)