Monday, February 23, 2015

In Other News... Winter Sucks and I'm Over It


Ok, consider yourself warned.

I have tried to stay positive. I really really have.

But the last 4 weeks have been record-breakingly TERRIBLE in Massachusetts.

Hundreds of roofs (rooves?) have been falling in across the state. At least 5 of them have been local barns. People and horses are literally dying. It seriously sucks and I am 100% done with winter.

Except winter JUST WON'T LET GO.

No, just No.

Saturday I arrived to the barn to find a sweaty, steamy horse waiting for me.
In his stall. In the middle of the day.

It seems that the electric fencing cannot handle the snow load and is no longer electric.
The bored horses have figured this out, and have decided to start letting themselves out at random.

My fellow boarder pulled in on Saturday to find Boca cantering down the driveway. 
She blocked his access to the road with her truck (quick thinking) and jumped out. Meanwhile Boca had run over to the paddock with his favorite buddy in it.
She was able to grab him and put him in his stall.

This is apparently the second time this week Boca and his paddock mates have gotten loose.

When I arrived to the barn on Sunday, it was a different group of 4 horses' turn to get loose and cavort around the property. The general consensus among the boarders was
'at least the roof hasn't fallen in yet.' This is what it has come to.

Winter, if you kill my horse, I will KILL YOU.

Also, FYI, I am insanely jealous of all you people out in blogland that are able to ride.
And take lessons. And go to shows. And jump things. And do all the dressage.
And in general improve and progress.


  1. Thanks for the perspective. That is no joke up there. Is there a gate to property or would the magnificent bocadini been gone and half way to key largo?

    1. Nope, no gate to the road. The magnificent Bocadini (love this) has clearly had enough and had plans to return to Florida. Luckily, his plans were thwarted!

  2. the horses are smart- they are trying to figure out how to head south! Once they figure out Expedia, you're doomed. :)

    It CAN'T last much longer. It just can't!

    1. All I can say is thank God they don't have opposable thumbs!

      I keep telling myself that! Daylight savings is in 2 weeks!!!

  3. Hey, 33* on Wednesday is pretty tropical! You know, when the average for the past few weeks has been in the teens or single digits...

    Go home, winter. No one likes you.

  4. yikes - that's kinda scary about the horses getting loose!! im' so over the winter too and keep trying to delude myself into thinking that we'll still ride and show and do all the things... it's not working!

  5. Y'all are really getting hammered. I know it's not fun! Hang in there

  6. I'm making a pact that us equestrian bloggers HAVE to make it out of winter mostly sane alive. SO NOW YOU HAVE TO.

  7. Eeep loose horses and roofs caving in due to snow is mucho no bueno.
    Fingers crossed winter packs it in asap