Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I'm kind of struggling at the moment.

I don't really have a lot to blog about, in terms of recent riding activity.
I do have this cool picture that I took this weekend that I love:

Boston is experiencing epic amounts of snow. Record snow totals are being broken left and right. I don't have a ring to ride in, and it isn't safe to trailer out anywhere.
It is barely safe to drive our cars.

This is the progression of snow totals, as evidenced by my deck.
There is a table and chairs under there somewhere. I may see them again sometime this April.

Storm 1
Storm 2

Storm 3 (Current)

Also, we have these lovely stalactites of ice hanging from our roof, in multiple places.
This just can't be a good thing.

I feel like I am literally living in the Disney movie "Frozen".

On a more positive note, the hubby and I have decided to both get on the healthy eating bandwagon. This is due in part to me being inspired by the blog-o-sphere, so hats off to you!

Sunday we went to the grocery store and loaded up on healthy fruits, veggies, carbs and proteins. I had this nice healthy smoothie yesterday, instead of a half gallon of ice cream.

Night time is the hardest for me. That is when I want to nosh on all the bad things.
Hubby and I went to bed pretty hungry last night. I thought it was pretty cute when he rolled over in bed, in the dark, and asked me if we would still be able to do our Friday pizza night.

Hon, it's Monday.


  1. Hahah aw hubby. That is a ton of snow... hang in there!

  2. I'm with DH. you need to have something to look forward to.....

  3. The snow has almost completely missed us down here in MD and for that I am SO grateful! Hang in there - spring IS coming :)

  4. I'd hibernate. Srsly.

    Only I'd do it with pizza and ice cream because I have zero willpower.

  5. that's a LOT of snow - yikes! good luck staying warm (with or without pizza, as the case may be!)

  6. Evenings are tough for me too -- I always want to snack!