Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Upping My Threads Game

So yesterday I scored these babies online at the Smartpak President's Day Sale.

Piper Full Seat Breeches by Smartpak.

Admittedly, my breeches game is VERY weak.
I've always been more comfortable schooling in jeans and I am incredibly cheap (ahem)
frugal, so I have a hard time paying big money for clothes.

But, I'm really excited, because I have never tried full seats.

 My thinking was threefold:
1) I have always wanted to try full seats
2) I like the fun trim on the Pipers
3) I plan to do a few 2-Phase shows, and these will be legal.

The other item I would like to up my game on is saddle pads.

I currently have about 4 saddle pads, 2 of which were hand-me-downs from another rider, and are horrible colors. I would like to get a few new neat and tidy ones, to clean up our overall picture. I'll probably wait to get these at the Dover tent sale this spring.

If you have noticed a theme, it is that I tend to be very thrifty with my non-essential riding gear.

I am kind of a minimalist in general.  I very rarely jump on anything trendy or new.
For instance, I have never owned Uggs or an iPod. Or an iPhone.

I stick with what is functional, affordable and reliable. I'm not completely immune to trends, but I am very slow to come around. They have generally proven to have staying power and value before I climb on board.


  1. I love my full seats and my husband says that I have a saddle pad 'problem'. I don't see it myself. :)
    Like you I am careful with my money. However, my experience is that breeches under $50 (unless on sale) are rarely worth the money. My comfort zone seems to be 60-110. However, I purchased a pair of denim full seat breeches and am in love.

    1. Oooo denim full seats might be right up my alley!

    2. they are awesome http://journeywithadancinghorse.blogspot.ca/2014/08/retail-therapy.html

    3. I think I may need to know A) what brand of demin breeches are those? B) also LOVE the saddle pad. What kind is it?

  2. I think full seats tend to wear a lot better then kneepatch breeches anyways.

    And yeah, right there with you on the frugal clothes thing. It makes my brain explode to spend money on clothes. All I do is wear them. Why should they cost so much???

  3. Horses are such an expensive hobby i buy all my equine clothes on sale & as much of the horses gear as i can get on sale by planning ahead and buying rugs in spring/summer sales etc

  4. I used to ride in jeans 100% except shows, but now I can't stand to. My advice? Enjoy the jeans and don't turn into a breeches snob! My pocket book is lighter because I'm now a TS girl. Whoops :)

    1. Good advice! I may always be a jeans girl. I've never been all that comfortable in breeches, unless there is some majick pair out there I am unaware of.

  5. I love my TuffRider pull on breeches. They have held up for several years now and they are CHEAP! I've never tried the full seats, though.

  6. i am also a functional and practical gal at heart, and love good deals (esp when i can save my $$ for lessons and shows haha). hope you love the pipers!

  7. I LOVE my Pipers! I hope you do too :)