Friday, February 20, 2015

What's In A Name? A Show Name, That Is.

We have documented my issues with naming my creatures in the past (click here).
So it should come as no surprise that I have always struggled at coming up with a
good show name.
I marvel at people who manage to produce clever and appropriate barn names and show names for their beasts, seemingly out of thin air.
Assuming I ever get to ride my pony again, we do have plans to show this year.
And so I turn to you, fellow bloglanders, to vote on a decent show name for Boca.
My top two choices have always been:
(for the forementioned Florida connection)
I also kicked around but pretty much dismissed the following:
- 3rd Time's the Charm
- Kismet
- Happily Ever After
- Sundance Kid
The first three sounded too cutesy and the last one not original enough, which made them not shortlist contenders
I would also entertain suggestions, so feel free to throw them out there.
Blogland, what are your thoughts?


  1. Personally I'm not a big fan of "cutesy" once you're over the age of 16. Key Largo and Boca Grande are nice IMO.. elegant and classy sounding.

  2. I like Key Largo and Boca Grande. If originality is what you are going after though I recommend searching the databases for copy cats (the last 4 their are definitely a plethora of) I usually do my best to avoid the same name in my Zone, or if the horse is famous. If the horse is registered but never shown, or has poor placings then its free game in my mind!

  3. I like Boca Grande. For me show names come from a variety of inspirations- personality or personal meaning.

  4. I like Boca Grande, it sounds really elegant

  5. Key Largo makes me think of the Beach Boys and that is a happy thought, so I vote yes to it.

  6. oooh i like boca grande too!!! (and i'm also the WORST at naming creatures... ugh)