Sunday, February 1, 2015

World Galgo Day

February 1st is World Galgo Day.

Every year, February 1st marks the end of hunting season in Spain.
This means starting today, the shelters in Spain will be inundated with hundreds of galgos, deemed no longer useful, and dumped by their galgueros.

As of last night, Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert, a shelter located in Seville, reported already receiving 60 new galgos, waste from this year's hunting season. These are the lucky ones. The unlucky ones, the galgueros will cut the microchip from their neck and dump them on the side of the road. Or worse.

This morning, I had an intense, oft-repeated discussion with my husband. I would dearly love to adopt another dog. My husband feels differently. We live in a condo. We have no fenced in yard. Jersey is walked 4 times a day. Feeding, exercising and cleaning up after 2 dogs would be a lot of work, and double the expense. I can see his point, but left to my own devices, I would fill our home with skinny, pointy nosed dogs.

It makes me sad, but I can see his point. Left to his own devices, instead of a horse, he would have a vacation home in Florida. We each give a little and meet somewhere in the middle. His happiness and comfort is important to me, and mine is to him.

I guess I will have to continue to be content, knowing that the animals I do have, have the highest standard of care I can provide. Jersey is my starfish.
I have made a difference to this one.


  1. I wish we could save them all but we can't. a friend of mine has a rescued Galgo. She is the sweetest dog I've met in a long time.

  2. you've definitely made a difference for your Jersey!! and perhaps for others too by raising awareness :)

  3. I'd never even heard of the Galgo until you talked about your dog. It's something. ;-)