Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Horse Mom Hypochondria -- Guilty As Charged

Like many of us, I am a total horse-mom hypochondriac.
I once spent $200 to take my dog to a neurologist because I was convinced he had spinal stenosis. Guess what? He didn't. My poor dog was NOT happy about an extraneous vet visit that included being laid on the floor and having his various bits and pieces tapped and prodded for neurological responses.
I was so glad to see my instructor Sunday morning, I could have wept.
It was good to see a friendly face. Not that my new barn is unfriendly per se, but the culture is different and I am still adjusting. I don't have the easy friendships in place that I did at my old barn. There are new routines to learn, new rules to follow and new people with different goals, experiences and expectations of themselves and others.
We headed down to the indoor, and we had the entire place to ourselves. My instructor immediately made me feel better by saying that Boca showed zero signs of lameness. He was tracking up freely and evenly behind.
We did discover that the clicking only happened on a small circle, which is why I was hearing it when I was longing him. Like my vet, my instructor feels it is nothing to be overly concerned about.
Boca showed none of the under saddle behavior from Saturday, and was actually really good. Other than a lack of fitness, he retained all of the progress we had worked on all fall, and we had some really nice moments that felt really good. I wish I had some pics or some video from our lesson.
I did make a phone call to my vet yesterday, who was not so quick to jump on the 'Let's treat him for ulcers' bandwagon. In fact, she advised that I give it a week, see if any of the behaviors repeated themselves, and at that point we would determine our next course of action.
This is why I pay professionals, people. Because I immediately want to treat ALL THE THINGS I read about on the internet. The internet is a dangerous place for diagnosing illnesses and injuries.
 Edited to add: But of course not before I immediately went online and bought Slippery Elm Bark, because, ya' know, MAJICK POWDERZ!!!


  1. The internet is a bad place. It's pretty much best to stay away from it. :)

  2. Some psychiatrists believe that the internet has led to the "invention" of whole new diseases, simply from people who suffer similar, random symptoms being able to find one another and communicate and convince one another that they all have the same disease. It's terrifying on here!!

    I like it though, and I'm glad Boca is feeling just fine. Have you read Dr. Ramey's treatise on ulcer treatment without scoping? It's a good one (sounds similar to your vet). Linked it for ya!


  3. Glad you're both settling in. I HATE change and I totally know how you feel. Hope things continue to smooth out as you go along.

  4. so it's settling in pains. Good. Patience solves most issues.

  5. Been there, done that, got a few t-shirts. I am NOT good at following my own advice, but usually things like this tend to resolve themselves. But I'm still in the background panicking ... sigh.

  6. haha i seriously love my trainers for taking my hand and gently walking me back from the ledge... hopefully things continue to improve!