Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Fail at Technology

Do you want to know the reason why the photos on my blog are so crappy?

Yes, that is my cell phone. And yes, it has been like that for quite some time.

I am like some weird hillbilly when it comes to technology. My behaviors are routed in suspicion and being a cheapskate. Not that I'm saying hillbillies are cheapskates. They probably spend quite a lot of money on tobbacco and firearms.

Don't come near me with them there fancy hand-held voodoo thingy
 The sad thing is, I am actually due for an upgrade. But I am convinced -- CONVINCED I TELL YOU -- that the moment I get a new phone, it will immediately be broken or get lost. I feel like the Gods of the Cell Phone are waiting to smite me the moment I get a new phone, and then they will all laugh.
Also, I have a weird loyalty to my phone. True story -- this cell phone survived flying off the roof of my car, bursting apart, and being found on the side of the road in pieces days later, where it was put back together by a kind stranger, who called to return it. That isn't even when the screen cracked. I feel it has earned its place in my life through its toughness. Yes, I am aware it is an inanimate object and it technically has no feelings. Technically.
So, for your viewing entertainment, let's look at some of the beauties I have snapped in the last week, trying to get some quality pics of the new barn.
Somewhere, down the mud lane, past the white horse that is actually an Appy, is where Boca's new turnout is.  Can you see him? Look closer...
Does anyone spot a white blaze and two pricked ears peeking out at you from behind the white Appy? :)
Here is another beauty shot. I call this one "Too busy with hay to pose for Mom".
You may be asking "Is the new barn weirdly foggy all the time? Or does her camera phone just suck?" I'm going to go with #2.
And lastly, the requisite between the ears shot. This one I took to text to my husband to tell him I was riding, like he didn't already know.
You will note I did go with the Mane-to-the-Right, English style.
I know you were all hanging on the edge of your seats for that cliffhanger!


  1. My husband has that phone. If you clean the lens with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip the fogginess will go away :)

    1. You may have just singlehandedly saved my blog :)

  2. aww, your poor phone!! i live in fear of crushing mine... and am sure that day is inevitable haha

  3. When my phone was due for an upgrade, instead of going for a fancy smart phone, I got an unbreakable flip phone. It doesn't take great pictures either, but man can I abuse that thing and it doesn't even notice.

    1. I have been told my by the Engineers at my work (the wicked smaht kids) that the android phones were designed to break apart on impact, to protect the phone. Whereas the iPhones shatter. That, other than cost, is why I won't get an iPhone. I can't go back to the flip phone, though. I just can't do it.

  4. For the first time in my life, I signed a two year contract and paid (like, out of pocket) for a phone last year. It sort of freaks me out, but I take all my horse pictures on my phone and it matters to me.

    I haven't broken it yet, so that's good news.

  5. My phone looks quite a lot like yours when it comes to cracks and dings.! However, part of the reason I won't get rid of it is because I really like the camera it has :)