Monday, March 2, 2015

I've Got the Blues... or Maybe Just the Blahs.

This weekend was kind of sad and gloomy.
Although I tried to fight the good fight, I did feel a little down.
I may or may not have fallen off the eating healthy wagon.
Curses... my nemesis.

Which caused me to gain back every ounce I lost and then some, leading me to feel like a blubbery mess. I guess if I am going to get serious about eating healthy, a once-a-week binge is going to be a little too frequent for me to expect any real results.
Changes are hard, even positive ones. I am a little sad about leaving my current barn. To date, it has been the barn I have been the most happy and comfortable at. I told the BO on Sunday, and he was really great about it. Told me I was welcome back at any time. That was the result I was hoping for, but  it did feel a little bittersweet.
Also, sometimes people are not always going to be happy for you when good things happen in your life. They have their own baggage to deal with, so you can't take it personally. One or two people had less-than enthusiastic responses to the news of me leaving. This is something that may have bothered me in the past. Today I can just note it and move on. Ultimately, isn't about me and it isn't my burden to bear.
Also, it looks like my parents will be re-locating to Charleston, SC.
It is a big move for them, and one my father has been looking forward to for a long, long time. I am happy and excited for them, but also a little sad to see them go.
Lastly, Boca was kind of a dink on Sunday.

Yes. This face. Total dink.

Right now, because of the snow, Boca has been turned out with two other geldings. It would not be fair or reasonable to ask the BM to keep him in a seperate paddock. Boca gets along with other horses, so I have no problem with this arrangement.

Sunday, I went to pull him in for a grooming session. As he walked towards me, I saw the young gelding he is turned out with lunge at him and drive him back. Outraged on my horse's behalf, I went in and decided "I" was going to be the apha mare and teach the pushy gelding a lesson about manners at the gate. Little did I realize how on edge all the horses are from lack of exercise. I growled at the young gelding and swung my leadrope in his general direction.

Cue 3 snorting, tail-flagging horses, including my own, fleeing from me as if I were a fire-breathing, horse eating monster. Awesome.

When I was finally able to catch my pony, he was still white-eyed and completely ridiculous, eyeing me as if I was the world's meanest horse-abuser on the planet. I decided that someone was a little too high-as-a-kite to be groomed in his current condition. I took him to an empty pasture will plenty of ground cover, and let him trot and canter on the lunge. It was quite the workout in the deep snow, and he was blowing pretty good pretty quickly. I got to watch as the lard rippled where his muscles used to be.

After his imprompto cardio session, I took him in and groomed him as intended. I fed him a few peppermints and turned him back out. Because I am such a meanie and his life is soooo hard!
I know, I know, #firstworldproblems.


  1. All of those things would make me gloomy too. This next weekend will be better!

  2. Thank you! I feel a little silly complaining, but I'm trying to keep it real.

  3. Leaving a good barn is hard, but I think you'll like the new place. Indoors are amazing. :-)

  4. That ice cream sounds super tasty - I'd totally fall off a health food kick for that too.
    Sorry to hear you have been feeling down & that Boca was a bit of dingbat - the move will do you other good & hopefully come April the weather will be better and more work can be done ☺

  5. *frantically searches freezer for ice cream*
    dang it, that ice cream looks fabulous. I too have had my horse flee from me as though I was the Queen of Hell. they can't help it, those red headed geldings.

  6. This season just sucks pretty much, and I suspect the horses are just as sick of it as we are.... Sorry leaving your barn is so bittersweet but hopefully you'll love the new place unconditionally!!