Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Product Review: Riding Sport Competitor II Full Seat Breeches

So here it is, my first product review!

Please excuse crappy cell phone pic

As I mentioned, Saturday was my marathon search for the right pair of breeches.

I have never owned or worn full-seat breeches, 
so I wanted to see what I may have been missing.

Here are my criteria for breeches:
1) Around $100 or less
2) Colors suitable for schooling and/or local 1 day shows

I guess I am somewhat of a traditionalist, in that I found I generally prefer the fit of mid-rise, front zip breeches to the far more trendy side-zip, low rise pairs. I also was not a fan of  the more technical bottoms on some of the breeches:

Give me the old-style velcro-bottoms any day!

I also was surprised to learn that I didn't really care for the Tailored Sportmans, which are the *must have* on the H/J circuit. They were cut too straight for me, and the material doesn't have enough give.

Enter the Riding Sport Competitor II Full Seat Breeches.

Immediately, I really liked the fabric. It is a newer, more technical feeling fabric. 
It is stretchy and has give, but also has structure.

I went with the tan color, so that I can wear them for schooling or local one-day events.

The details are subtle, you can barely notice the suede patches. I actually wouldn't have been adverse to some fun color piping or stronger colored suede.

The wide belt is slimming. Overall, I felt like these breeches would be a good choice for curvier body types, like myself. I tend to dislike tight pants, which is probably why I'm not a fan of breeches in general. 

These breeches fit, without feeling like they were strangling me. I am between sizes, so while the legs fit well, the waist was a little too big. I was so happy with the fit of the rest of the breeches, I felt that it was well worth it to make do with a belt.

I have yet to ride in these breeches, so that review will have to wait for another day.

Edited to add: These breeches are currently on sale at Dover for $69.99 through March 15th. Check your Dover Sale Catalog, Page 89!


  1. Those look great on you! Good buy!

  2. Great choice! Good thing there are lots of breech options out there for everyone :)

  3. Glad you like them!! I rode in ill-fitting breeches for so long that it was practically revolutionary for me to find something that actually worked lol

  4. Finding the right breeches is magical. I hope to do that this year.

  5. Yay for finding breeches you like under budget, hopefully you snap up another pair or two while they are on sale...if you still love them after riding in them before the sale offer expires!

  6. Tell me... why do you prefer velcro bottoms? I know that there's an element of personal preference here, but to me the sock bottoms are categorically better. Velcro bottoms can wrinkle and sometimes leave a gap or don't sit flat, and the hooks can scratch you! I know I just contradicted myself, but I am really curious about your opinion!

    1. I guess I am anti-anything tight! I like the velcro bottoms because you can adjust them to your desired width.

      It's definitely a personal preference, and I know I am very much in the minority :)