Monday, March 23, 2015

Sometimes I Just Wish They Could Talk.

So last week, I had 3 phenomenal rides and one bad one.
You will recall, I had the one ride where Boca was half-rearing and kicking out with both hind feet. It resembled something like this:
Then, as mysteriously as it appeared, it went away completely.
I wanted to freak out and treat him for ulcers, but on the advice of my vet, I decided to give it a week and see how it went.
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday were awesome. Friday night was the return of the angry horse. From the moment I swung my leg over, he was definitely PISSED OFF ROYALLY about something. We had the ear-pinning, kicking out, and trying to run off.
I rode it out, but it was just an ok ride, certainly not a great one.
I was really looking forward to my lesson on Sunday. I was hoping the angry horse would make a re-appearance, as my instructor had not yet seen these episodes, and has only my word to go on.
Now, unfortuantely, after one or two warmish days, winter has decided to make an unwelcome re-appearance to New England:
My Mountain Horse Ice Rider boots gave me some nasty blisters during the week, and it was windy as all hell at the farm, so I decided to ride in my chaps for my lesson, although I don't usually.
Boca was pretty up from a day off plus the cold and the wind. As we walked to the indoor, I told my instructor about Friday night's ride and the angry red horse. I told her I hoped he would make an appearance so she could see what was going on.  I said maybe we could make a video for the vet to see.
Sure enough, I got on, Boca took two steps and was PISSED.
Out came the cow-kicks and the pinned ears.
Only this time, my instructor said "Stop! It's the Chaps!"

You see, my chaps are the western kind. The ones with the fringe. I bought them way back in the day when I used to go team penning, and now only use them when it is really cold and windy. And never in lessons.
Turns out, the fringe was tickling Mr. Boca's sensitive sides. And he hated it.
I removed my chaps, and off we went, problem solved.
Horses. Man, sometimes if only they could talk!


  1. Aww! Well at least this is a much better situation than expensive ulcer treatment? :)

  2. Whew! At least removing chaps is an easy fix :)

  3. Ha! That's fantastic. Glad it was an easy fix.

  4. Sounds like an excuse to get yourself a beautiful pair of custom chaps without fringe to me!

  5. How funny and so glad it's an easy fix!!

  6. aww poor Boca. at least you know he's trying to tell you something! my mare recently vetoed a fancy pants new girth that i was SUPER excited about... ugh horses....