Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Animal Communicator

Years ago, I read a great book by Author Jane Smiley.
Not only is Jane Smiley a Pulitzer Prize winning author, she is also a rider, a breeder and an owner of race horses. Her book "A Year at the Races" documents some of her journeys with her homebreds.
Among one of the experiences in the novel that caught my attention was her use of an animal communicator to talk to her horses.
The idea lodged somewhere at the back of my mind, until I ran across a trainer in the Fall of 2013, that used an animal communicator with her own horses.
At the time, I didn't have a horse, but I did have Jersey, who has issues of his own (to put it mildly). I was really curious about the experience. Part of me thought it was pure hocum, but a small part of me was curious as to what the experience would be like.
At the time, the animal communicator's rates were $30 for 15 minutes. I have certainly found worse ways to spend $30 in my life, so I decided to make an appointment.
When I made the appointment, the communicator asked for the following info:
- Type of Animal (Dog, Cat, Horse, Bird, etc.)
- Breed
- Age
- Color
She did not ask me anything about myself or my household.
We set up an appointment for a call mid-week, around 11:30.
When the animal communicator called, she said she had reached out to Jersey and made contact with him. She said he was very timid and cautious. She explained to him that she was with me and that we wanted to hear what he had to say.
The first thing he said was that I was thinking about getting another dog the same kind as him (!) and that he wasn't excited about the idea. He said that he would be jealous if that dog was to come up to my husband or I and be pet in front of him. He said it would be ok if we got another dog and it lived in someone else's house.
He said that he knew he was loved and that he was happy with us. He asked if he could have rice in his food, as it made his tummy feel better. He said his back did not hurt at all, but that he had to remind himself when he was running not to turn too sharply and hurt himself.He also said that there was something in the grass around the house that made him itchy.
There was a few other things he said, but what really blew my mind was that, that fall, I had been begging my husband for another galgo. Not just any dog. I wanted to adopt another Galgo Espanol. The animal communicator was very specific. She said Jersey said I was thinking of getting another dog the same kind as him. Those were the exact words she used.
I would love to have another pointy-nosed, bat-eared dog.
As it turns out, Jersey.... not so much.
There were a few other weird coincidences that could not really be explained.
- Jersey has colitis and is on prescription dog food to manage his IBS.
How do we treat his occasional flare ups? Rice.
- I spent $200 to have a doggy neurologist to tell me there was absolutely nothing wrong with my dog's back. I should have just listed to the $30 animal communicator.
- 6 months later, Jersey pulled up lame after tweaking his shoulder at a lure coursing trial
- He sits down and itches his neck and back when we walk him in the spring - early fall.
My vet thinks it is a rag weed allergy.
I would love to call the Animal Communicator again, this time for Boca. Unfortunately, her rates have gone up. A 15 minute call is now $45. Coincidentally, that is the same price as one of my lessons. I can't reasonably justify (in my mind) swapping a lesson for a call with an animal communicator. Although I do wonder what Boca would have to say!

Only Child


  1. I never know what to make of these. Glad you were satisfied.

    1. At the very least it was entertaining, and it made me feel better about having an only dog. So, bonus???

  2. Oh that's awesome! I might have to get her info from you, but that is a little pricey for me for an experiment. I remember reading that same Jane Smiley book years and years ago.

    1. Feel free to PM me and I'll send you the info!

      I agree, it has gotten a little pricey :( If it was cheaper, I would call for Boca, just for the heck of it.

  3. Okay I have to share my animal communicator story! I called one for my horse Tucker after he bucked me off at a horse show and I wanted to try to understand why (looking back, I was just scared and looking for an explanation other than the obvious ones). Most of the stuff was pretty generic (he'd like more hay, etc.). But then she said that Tucker told her that ANOTHER horse had bucked me off two weeks ago and I was scared because of it, and he didn't want me to be scared. So either she got her signals crossed or he LIED and tried to blame it on his evil twin! LOL. It gave me a good laugh, if nothing else.

  4. I once used an animal communicator as a kid. I can't remember exactly what was said, but I know it made me cry tears of joy!

    I have always wanted to try one with my current horse. She lives with a donkey and I would love to hear her thoughts on that. But again, I have a hard time justifying the money when there are so many things she needs...

  5. haha that's kind of awesome! bummer the prices have gone up... but honestly i'm not entirely sure i'd want to hear what isabel has to say about me (i'm pretty sure it's along the lines of 'you're not my real mother!' lol)

  6. I am fascinated yet sceptical about animal communicators. I cannot deny my curiosity to find out what my girls think about life etc