Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Non-Horsey Husband

Boca is continuing to settle into his new place. He definitely looks more comfortable in his stall and has already made horsey friends with his neighbors.
I still have no pictures because I = Bad Blogger. I am going to continue to blame this on being sick, but I do promise to get some pics this week.

Instead I am going to share with you my humourous non-horsey husband story.

On Sunday, as a show of support, Bryan decided to come visit the new barn.
I have been talking up the amenities of the new place, so he was curious to see for himself.

We stopped at Boca's barn first, so he could say hi to the pony and see his new digs.
The horses were all turned out as it was a nice, sunny afternoon.

Boca's paddock is one of the last in a group of 10 or so individual turn outs, at the bottom of a gently sloping hill. You have to pass 5 horses on your way to get to Boca.

As we made our way down the lane, Boca heard our voices, picked up his head, pricked his ears and stared right at us.

I said "Oh look, honey, Boca knows we're coming to see him".
I picked up my pace to get to him more quickly.

Behind me I hear "Oh hey Stinky!"

I turn around, and see my husband reaching out to Ted,
an aged chestnut TB gelding with a thin strip of white on his face.

Not Boca

"Umm, hon, that's not our horse." - me
"It's not? That's not him???" - husband, confused

"Well how about this one?" Husband says about the chesnut TB mare 
with the star in the next paddock.

"Hon, that's not our horse either." - me

Also Not Boca

'Well where is he?  Is it this one???" pointing to a small QH mare.
"Uhhh, no, that is also not our horse" - me

At this point, I am cracking up laughing, as my husband turns around, 
a bewildered look on his face.

"Well how am I supposed to tell??? They're all BROWN. They all look the SAME!!!"

"Hon, ours has the BIG WHITE FACE!!!"

"Oh, Hai. Iz me."

I hear muttered under his breath "Well I bet you couldn't tell my golf clubs apart, either."


  1. Haha! I'm the one girl who's husband is like "oh, look you got a new bridle" even though he's totally not horsey. He's very detail oriented.

  2. hahaha yep sounds about right :)

  3. Hahahah yep, sounds like an non-horsey husband alright! :)

  4. Aw bless - my dad is the same. Sorry no OH on the scene for con Paris on, so best man in my life is used as shiny example

    1. To be fair to your OH though...i know nothing about golf clubs

  5. If my husband couldn't identify horses like that, I'd have half a dozen Haffies. Since they all look the same, of course!