Monday, March 9, 2015

This Move Brought to You By..

Just a quick update to let you all know that Boca successfully moved to the new barn this weekend.
Because I am a terrible blogger, I do not have a single picture to share with you all. 
Mea Culpa. In my defense, I came down with a horrible head cold on Friday - just 12 hours before the move - so my hands and pockets were full of dirty tissues, cough drops, caffeine and OTC cold medication. 
In addtion, my husband took our one communal phone charger to work with him over the weekend, so I had a dead cell phone for the entire day of the move on saturday.
Also, because I am stubborn and independent and refuse to be beholden to anyone, I moved everything by myself. Every single piece of tack, every bale of hay, every bag of grain, every last screw eye and bucket, moved by yours truly.
I have to say, the over the counter medication that pharmacists keep behind the counter because people make methamphetamine out of it?  That stuff is GOOD JUJU. I can see why people like it. (Don't worry, I took it as prescribed).  That, plus bottomless thermoses full of black coffee kept me going.
By mid afternoon on Saturday, i was all set up at the new barn. My loft was full of hay, grain and shavings. My individual paddock was set up with fresh water and hay. Boca's new stall was deeply bedded, his buckets were hung and full, my tack was set up and organized. The only thing left to move was the horse himself.
Here is where I ran into the only snag of the day. I hooked up my trailer without issue. I put the truck in 4-wheel drive. And... nothing. The trailer, which has been parked since October, was frozen to the ground. I literally had wheel chocks made of ice. Thank you Mother Nature.
I literally contemplated leading Boca to the new farm for many moments.

Luckily, with many efforts and much rocking of the trailer, I was able to get it unstuck from the ground. Boca loaded up like a champ and we had an uneventful 2 mile drive to the new farm.

Once again, I was incredibly greatful for my good-minded horse. By the time I reached the new barn, the only area available to park and unload on was a sheet of ice. Gambling on the fact that Boca is a good boy and that he has borium on all 4 feet, I decided to take my chances and unload him.

Thank God for the stock horse brain. Poor bewildered Boca, who has not been exercised or been off the farm in 2 months, backed off the trailer onto a sheet of ice and waited (a little white around the eyes but well-behaved) while I got my bearings.

I led him past 6 new horses to his new paddock, threw him a few flakes of hay, and turned him out. Mission accomplished.


  1. I am a really big fan of OTC uppers. I know I know meth blah blah bad blah blah, but man those things are SO HELPFUL. I only take for colds though :)

    1. Better living through pharmaceuticals. I am on board with this!

  2. yay so exciting!!! glad everything made it over without any drama (except for the whole head cold and trailer frozen to the ground business lol)

  3. Glad the move went well in the end - what a good horse!! Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Great to hear the move went well and hope you feel better asap

  5. Glad the move went well! As the daughter of two pharmacists myself, I approve your use of meds.