Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Endoscopy Results

First off, the prep for the scope was pretty tough for a little red horse.

Umm, excuse me lady. Where's the food?

The prep included no food after 8 PM. No grain, no hay, no treats, no nuthin'.
I had to strip his stall to make sure all little scraps of hay were removed.

Thug Life

He was allowed to have water until 7 AM this morning, and then I had to pull his water buckets out too. His stomach had to be completely empty of food stuffs and liquids in order for the vet to see with the scope.

Ok... I'll just eat this stupid sign.

He was not at all impressed with being locked up alone, with no food, while all his buddies got to get breakfast and turnout. There were definitely some horsey hysterics involved.

The scoping process itself was not easy. Boca was not the most cooperative patient.
Even tranqu'ed to the hilt, he objected to the hose up the nose, trying to flip his head, sneeze it out, and 'run away' in his stall.

I got to play vet assistant and hold the scope in his nose while the vet "drove" the scope.
The result was that, while there was no actual ulcers, the tissue of his stomach and the opening of his small intestine was reddened and irritated, with edema present. The vet gave it an assessment of Grade 1.

The interesting thing my vet told me is that there is no known correlation between the severity of the ulcers and the symptoms shown by the horse. So a horse with lower grade ulcers can still show as much or more discomfort than a horse diagnosed with a higher grade.

The treatment we agreed to proceed with is 2+ weeks of Gastrogard (Ulcergard), and hopefully I will have a much happier horse in two weeks.

Just for fun, my dog made friends with this little guy on the farm today:

I was so shocked, I didn't catch it on camera. Jersey is normally very afraid of horses.
He does his best to ignore them and hopes if he pretends he can't see them, then they'll go away. But he marched right up to the donkey and gave him a big ole' sniff.
It was very cute. I think the donkey liked him too!


  1. Interesting results! At least you don't have to do a whole month of Gastrogard, so that saves some money for sure. Hope you're feeling better about everything.

  2. I think those are good results, sounds like a fairly easy fix but you know what's going on. I love that donkey! My dog always chases the donkeys :\

  3. phew. now you have an answer and a solution. Keep us posted on how he does.

  4. Well you got answers!! That's a huge step. I hope that the gastrogard starts showing you some results soon.

  5. So glad you have a diagnosis! No matter how much UG you do, definitely DON'T take him off it cold turkey. I kindof explained this in my blog, but there can be complications from taking horses off omeprazole cold turkey, so you need to wean them off of it. Talk to your vet if you want a full protocol -- and if you want some evidence to back this up, I can find you some papers. :D

    Glad the B doesn't have to be fasted any more and will get to eat everything he wants with ice cream on top now!!

  6. I am glad you got a diagnosis and a treatment plan for Boca. Wishing him a speedy recover and a return to good pony behaviour under saddle.
    What a lucky guy to have such a kind caring owner who left no stone unturned in their serch for answers *hugs*

  7. poor Boca! doesn't sound like any fun at all for the little guy - but luckily he'll hopefully be feeling much better very soon. gastrogard really helped my mare, and after treatment we put her on gastro supplements (mainly magnesium and calcium, i think) and she's doing well. if we're doing a big event or traveling farther than usual tho i still give her a tube of ulcergard over the course of a few days

  8. I really hope this solves some of the behavior issues! The prep and the scope really sucks, we've been there too. If you see results after 2 weeks, will you continue for the full 28 days? Curious as to your vet's advice, for my own purposes. I do a 28 day treatment around every 6 months or so, depending on how Tucker is doing.

  9. Really interesting about the correlation of severity with for thought for me! Hope he feels better soon!

  10. That sign and Boca's face are kind of adorable... even tho I feel bad for the poor guy! lol