Thursday, April 23, 2015

Endoscopy Wrap Up

I didn't really go into detail, but I got to play veterinary assistant yesterday for Boca's endoscopy. The vet's normal assistant wasn't available, so she asked me if I would mind stepping in to help her.
Me assisting in a veterinary proceedure, 2008
Equine medicine was almost a career path for me 7 years ago.
I find the medical stuff facinating, so I was happy to help.
I have to say, of the many, many horses I have assisted medically, Boca was one of the more uncooperative patients. Because of his equine hysterics, the vet opted to give him a healthy dose of sedative. He was literally stumbling drunk, but he was fighting mad and still alert. Getting the scope up his nose was a bit of a struggle. Turns out Mr. Boca is a belligerant drunk.
This calls to mind a story his breeder told me about his name. Boca's registered name is Hancock's Tuff. As a foal, there was some medical complications with his dam; I forget exactly what they were. In any case, baby Boca must not have been a model patient then either, earning him the name Tuff.
Don't mess with me, man.
After the endoscopy was over, and I was rooting through my purse for my checkbook, the vet was bent over in the aisle, cleaning up her equipment. I heard a yelp and an "Ouch".
Someone (not naming any names) apparently reached over their stall gate and bit the vet in the head to express their displeasure over the whole proceedure!
I was framed!

The Ulcergard is on order. I bought 24 tubes, so I will be doing the max dose as long as possible, then tapering off.

Thank you all for your suggestions and comments!  They were super helpful and very much appreciated!


  1. Omg his face is so innocent! CAn't believe he bit the vet, hahaha.

    1. I know!!! What a little stinker. In the 11 months I have owned him, he has never, to my knowledge, bit anyone!

  2. Boca was simply expressing his emotions at a level he thought that the vet would understand. Poor wee mite. I would never believe that he would do anything bad except under extreme provocation.

  3. What a cheeky chappie but oh em squee the cuteness in his baby pic ♡
    Wishing him a full & speedy recovery

  4. omg naughty boy!! hopefully he'll be feeling a little less bite-y once his tummy is all better haha

  5. I'm not sure if he looks innocent or proud...either way, he's still adorable!