Monday, April 6, 2015

He's a Trainwreck, But He's My Trainwreck

I have to admit, I am not much of a confirmation guru.

But I know a fine looking Ass when I see one!

I can usually get a general sense of when a horse is well-put together and pleasing to the eye, but I can't break down their individual parts and explain positive or negative attributes, depending on their intended career.

That being said, I am pretty sure my horse is a trainwreck.
A conformational trainwreck.

Let's start with the head:

Ah, what a noble steed!  With the 'look of eagles' in his eyes. Really, quite majestic.
It's breathtaking, actually.

From there we move on to the dip in front of the withers.
I'm not actually even sure what this is. Does he have a ewe-neck? Is it from not working correctly? All I know is, I'm pretty sure it's not desirable.

Believe it or not, it used to be worse,
so maybe I'm doing something right? Maybe?

And then there's that shoulder. Wooo-Wee!
Who put that giant shoulder on them short little legs?
No wonder he can't sit down on his ass. His shoulders are dragging him down, man.

What a drag.

And of course, doesn't everyone want a cow-hocked horse? Instead of more cowbell, I picture legions of middle-aged riders screaming "More Cowhock" at Christopher Walken.

"More Cowhock!"

And while we're on the subject of legs, let's take a look at this little beauty: 

 I mean, I've seen some horses that paddle before, but I didn't even know horses' legs could move like that. That is something special right there.

But no matter how f'ed up his conformation, no matter how *special* his movement,
he may be a crooked mess, but he's mine.

And I love him.

Hi Mom!


  1. there is no perfect horse. There is just the perfect horse for you. :)

    1. Haha - can you imagine if horses discussed OUR conformation flaws??? Now that might sting a little!

  2. Some of the most imperfect horses are the best ones. All that matters is that you enjoy him and that he is capable of doing the job you want him to :)

    1. He's my boy, warts and all! We're both pretty far from perfect! LOL.

  3. Some of the most imperfect horses are the best ones. All that matters is that you enjoy him and that he is capable of doing the job you want him to :)

  4. No such this as perfection, but Boca is perfect for your needs and that is what matters ☺
    Plus that face is totes adorbs

    1. Thank you, Aoife! I find his face pretty adorbs as well :)

  5. Oh man, my first horse was this to a T! I'll never forget showing him in hunters and we'd do well over fences because he was consistent, with cute knees and an auto-change. But then we'd go in for the under saddle and I would just laugh! He was so short compared to all the warmbloods and moved just god-awful.

    But I loved him, and he was the best first horse anyone could ever ask for!

    1. Boc is kind of my first horse, and he is an awfully good egg. I appreciate his better qualities. Neither one of us is particularly athletic!

  6. aw i think he's adorable ;)

  7. I could do a similar list with Tucker's horrible conformation... but pretty is as pretty does!

  8. My horse practically does the breastroke sometimes, he paddles so hard! :D Perfect to you is still perfect.