Monday, April 13, 2015

Horses Aren't Everything

This weekend, I had a lovely non-horsey weekend with my very dear friend from New York City. It was refreshing to have riding take a back seat for a weekend. 

Cape Cod
Of course, I still got some barn time in; the chores still needed to be done.
Sunday was a beautiful day and Boca got to be naked for the first time this spring.
I'm really happy with how he looks right now:

It was a great day to give my paddock a thorough cleaning.
Boca decided to be super helpful.
 Mmm... Muck Bucket
I've got some family problems going on right now that put riding and horses in perspective.
Not having a great canter suddenly doesn't seem like that big a deal.
The horse world can get a little skewed sometimes.
It is easy to get obsessive over minutia and details.
We can get hung up on our horses, our riding, our goals.
Sometimes, its is good to have a reminder that horses aren't everything.


  1. Perspective is good, hopefully everything turns out okay!

  2. Hugs. Hope things turn up for you.

  3. I miss the cape! Sorry to hear about your family problems :(

  4. Very well said. Hope everything is ok. Horses are an awesome addition to life, but they should supplement your life and not be everything.

  5. Maintaining perspective is really tough sometimes. I hope everything works out with your family <3