Thursday, April 30, 2015

No Media Thursday

Guys, I have my poneh back!
You know, the one with the brain in his head!
The Ulcergard is working! I was afraid to say it out loud in case I ruined the magic.
I swear I saw a difference after Day 1.
I can't explain it, but he was suddenly there again, the way he used to be. My boy.
There has been no more repeat episodes of kicking out under saddle.
He seems less anxious in general. The other day he was almost sleeping in the cross-ties as I tacked him up.
Tuesday night, I rode after work in the indoor with a friend that I don't usually get to ride with. Her schedule is opposite mine, so she normally rides during the day.
In the past, she has done the A/O Jumpers at Lake Placid, so she is, y'know, GOOD.
Well, she got on Boca Tuesday after our ride.
And, HOT DAMN -- she made the little red horse look fancy!
You could have peeled my jaw off the arena floor.
And where was my cell phone, you may ask??
BACK AT THE BARN. I could have cried.
Anyways, she introduced these novel concepts to me called FORWARD and STRAIGHT.
I guess these are things?  Things to try for when riding?
Who knew???
I for one had certainly forgotten all about them.
I am bemoaning my lack of media for this blog. How do you all manage it?
I can't horse and camera. I just can't even.
No seriously, how do you all do it? Do you have to bribe people? Threaten them?
Do I just have no friends?  How does this work???
Oh, and in other news, my friend suggested a breastplate may be in order for Boca's saddle. She let me borrow her elastic jumper breastplate, which I promptly fell in love with.
And so, after some feverish e-baying, this little beauty is winging its way over to me from England.
Mine, all mine!  The pretty...


  1. Oh YAY!!! That makes me so happy to hear! I 110% relate to this feeling and I was BEYOND excited when I first treated Tucker and saw him do a complete turnaround after I was beginning to feel like I sucked as a rider and human. If you want to pick my brain about other stuff I do for him now to maintain a happy tummy - email me at

    1. Thanks Marissa! I will definitely email you for some tips. It is so nice to have him back. It was like - Oh, there you are!

  2. Woohoo I am so happy for Boca & you - there are ads on the TV for a yoghurt brand which promotes happy tummies...deff true for horses the sensitive souls.
    It is awesome to watch others ride - or at least I love it as it proves to me that my horses aren't as bad as i make them look. They can be fancy i just need to keep learning how to ask properly. #motivation ☺

    1. I was so excited to see him get so fancy. Now at least I know he has it in him. I just need to learn how to unlock it!

  3. SO GLAD!! :-) Good news all around.

    And yes. Bribery. Media for media. And cake. And giant sodas. Whatever it takes.

  4. Yay! Glad he is back to his old self :)

  5. woo hoo - you must be so relieved that he's feeling better!! and re: media - it's all about bribery and barn rats. tho i'm also not above leaning my phone on the fence line and riding away, hoping that i at least catch *something* in the frame lol

  6. Yay!!

    About the media: I bribe my husband when I can. If I'm riding with a friend I'll also ask them occasionally to pretty please take a couple pics while I go jump that jump. And I also am not above propping my phone on the fence line for video and then taking stills from that. Literally just did that yesterday.

    1. How do prop your phone up for videos?! This is what I literally can't figure out.

  7. The funny thing is that most people are happy to take photos for others. We just think that they wouldn't want to. If I lived closer I would come and do it. :)

  8. Yay yay yay! So glad he's back!

  9. This makes me so happy for you two!! :)

  10. I think I saw the heavens part and angels start to sing! YAAAAAYYYY!