Friday, April 3, 2015

The Hunt for Red October (Or lyme, Or ulcers.)

The great news? I was able to snag a last-minute appointment with my saddle-fitter yesterday. I had heard, through my trainer, that she would be passing through the area this week.
January 2015 appt.
I sent her an SOS, and she was able to squeeze me in for a quick half-hour before she headed up to New Hampshire for her regularly scheduled appointments.
K met me at the indoor yesterday morning at 9:00 AM. She had requested that I be on and riding for at least 20 minutes prior to the appointment.
The great news was that she thought the saddle looked awesome. She requested that I add a half pad for the time being, while we build Boca's topline back up.
So now, at K's recommendation, I am the proud owner of an EquineLUX half pad.
We thermal imaged Boca's back, and it looks great. K was very happy with what she saw and said there are no issues or problems there.
What she did note was that, personality wise, he is a completely different horse than the one she knows. K has fitted Boca 2 or 3 times now, and said he is 100% different than the horse she remembers.
She said he seems very anxious and jumpy. The whites of his eyes were flashing. His eyebrows were wrinkled. He just seemed very worried in general. She said something is definitely bothering him and noted he is much more reactive than usual.
I actually felt a lot better. I'm NOT going crazy. Even my farrier remarked on Monday that he was much more wiggly than usual. He is usually a pretty chill customer.
Guys, this is the horse that flat-walked, on the buckle, through a PARADE.
With firetrucks and police lights, floats, a marching band, people waving flags, minis, dogs, horses pulling carts.

On the buckle
K said it was not normal for him to still be so worried 3 weeks after moving to a new barn.
She even questioned if he was being handled correctly by the new barn folks.
And so, the hunt begins. I put in a call to my vet.
We are going down the rabbit-hole of chasing a medical diagnoses.
The first non-emergency appointment I could get is Thursday, April 16th.

 The crossties... now a reason to be alarmed.


  1. The good news is you got one big thing off the table. Here's the the rabbit hole being short and direct and optimistic.

  2. okay so that makes sense. Treat for ulcers and then see what happens. I've been down that road with Irish and have found a feeding system that works for us.

  3. I would run a Lyme test first. Boca just doesn't seem like an ulcer candidate to me. Of course I'm not a vet. But I've seen more than one horse loose his marbles with Lyme's.

  4. aw poor Boca! he does look pretty uneasy in that clip - and while it's not a happy thing, it at least must be reassuring for you to have other people noticing the change. good luck - whether it be ulcers or lyme (both ailments that my mare has had...)

  5. Interesting. I hope the rabbit hole leads you to an easy solution!

  6. Well, at least you are slowly ticking off possible options. I echo everyone else's comments and hope you find a non-expensive and quick solution!

  7. Fingers crossed for a short rabbit hole search and a speedy recovery for Boca *hugs*