Thursday, May 7, 2015

Horses: How Much Do They Really Care?

This actual conversation took place via text today.
H: Did u have a tough ride last night or not ride?
Me: No ride last night. Took the dog for a hike. Why? Is Boca ok?
H: His stall is horrible!! Like he literally shit on the walls - Like mr hanky.
Me: Oh no! Like diarrhea? I wonder what casued that? Maybe the new smartpaks?
H: Nooooooo. Like he was angry and bored. No loose stool. Just a fucking mess.
Me: OH MY GAWD. Are you serious???
Could he seriously be angry and bored that I skipped a night?
H: Of course. They are habitual. I knew something was up.
Me: That is CRAZY! LOL. My dog gets upset when I don't spend enough time with him, now my horse is pissed. I should have just had KIDS! Hahahahahaha.
H: Nah. He will get over it. But you have been working hard lately.
He probably also is focused now.
This whole experience has left me perplexed. I mean, could it be possible that I really matter that much to him, that my absence is noted?  Is it far more likely that something else got him stirred up? I wonder, with horses, how much do they really care?

PS - Do you love how I immediately went full-on psycho horse-mom? 
"What's wrong??? Is he ok? Maybe it's the Smartpaks!"



  1. eh we have a lot of horses that somehow poop on the wall - like they literally back right up to it and leave little smears everywhere (sorry if that's tmi haha).

    i wouldn't read too much into it if his stall's a little messier than usual. it could be anything - another horse set him off, it was buggy, maybe he rolled, etc etc

  2. I agree with Emma, could be anything if it's a one time thing.

    Buuut... If Murray doesn't get turned out for more than a few days (for rain or whatever) he will poop in his feed bucket. I dutifully clean it, then he eats out of it, and at dinner point in the night dumps one right in. Until he is returned to turn out. It's possibly my least favorite habit of his.

  3. Every barn manager/trainer I've ever had has learned to start there voicemails with "Hi, Tucker's fine,..." because if I do not here those three words within the first ten seconds of the voicemail I will be calling their phone until they pick up. Totally relate.

    Also I HIGHLY doubt that Tucker ever cares when he gets a day off. Especially because I usually stop in and give him treats anyway :)

  4. I think in general we anthropomorphize horses way too much. I would not be surprised if he was just bored and antsy (because you skipped) and happened to poop on the wall. Because he was bored and antsy. Not because he was like "I'm so mad no one came, let me retaliate". Horses don't do that.