Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mister, You Are Grounded!

Do you remember back in grade school, when you and your BFF had desks next to one another? Until your teacher caught on to your lack of focus and general misbehavior and separated the two of you?
Well that happened to my horse yesterday.
 Boca is stabled next to, and had an adjoining paddock to, a small Appy gelding named Cody. Boca has decided Cody is his BFF, and will call to him when Cody is removed from his general vicinity. Which is highly annoying.
So Boca has earned the equivalent of his seat being moved in the classroom. 
I drew this handy chart for you. Arts & Crafts at work :)

Boca and Piglet switched turnout paddocks, thanks to my awesome co-boarder H.

Boca's stall will still be next to Cody's, but hopefully no longer sharing a fenceline 24-7 will lessen the attachment.

I also started transitioning him off the Alfalfa Mix hay and onto the Timothy hay, beginning last night. I'm feeling more positive today. I'm hoping these adjustments may stuff his brain back into his little red head.

I also went into his stall and had a talk with him last night. I put my arms around his neck and breathed his horse smell and apologized for losing my shit on Sunday. I told him I'd try to do better. He just went on eating his hay.

I know he's a horse and doesn't speak English, but it made me feel better.



  1. Hahah that's too funny about Boca's new seat in the classroom! Glad you two were able to hug it out :)

  2. fingers crossed this does the trick!! (and i totally talk it out with my mare all the time - even if it's only for my own benefit)

  3. I bet the extra attention and love from you made him feel better too :)

  4. Heh. Yeah, turnout changes are on the docket for us too. ;-)

  5. Horsey hugs and apologies, whether they understand them or not, are a pretty important thing in my life too. Promising to do better does just as much good for you as it does for them. You're trying to muddle through and figure out how to make him happy, and it's frustrating, but as horse owners the best we can do is keep trying to figure it out.

  6. I have to be careful of this with Miles because he can get pretty attached too!

  7. lol so he's THAT kid in class huh?