Monday, May 4, 2015

Progression Post

So I took y'all's suggestion and found a junior rider at the barn and bribed her with $10 bucks to video my lesson on Friday night. I was really psyched with the results.
Unfortunately, my laptop has crapped the bed, so I haven't had a chance to upload the videos.  But I have PROOF - YES, PROOF that we now have something resembling a canter.
In the meantime, I have a few photo stills that make me very, very happy.
Let's take a look back at the progression of my little red horse...
September 2014
This photo from September was our first and only horse show. At the time, I thought this was a decent picture. And believe me, it was the best one of a bunch of really ugly shots.
He looks so scrawny and skinny to me here, now.

December 2014
Fast forward 2 months and 6-8 weeks worth of lessons. Much happier with this one.
Already showing muscle development.
What is my leg doing and why is it useless and curled up like a large prawn?

April 2015

April 2015
Feast your eyes on this gorgeousness now!
He looks so much better - stronger, more balanced, more relaxed.
I even like my position a lot better. I'm not as crunched up and tense.
You can tell I've been taking some dressage-influenced lessons!
I'm really happy with our progress and feeling like we're really getting somewhere.
Love this little red horse.


  1. Wow, awesome progress! :) You guys look particularly great in April 2015!

  2. Gorgeous! So happy he's coming around :)

  3. Wow, yeah! This is why pictures are awesome. :-) You guys have made huge strides together and I am really happy for you.

  4. Wow wee he's looks so fancy! Lots of great improvements. :)

  5. Looking good! You can definitely see the dressage influence :)

  6. Looking good! You can definitely see the dressage influence :)

  7. you two look fabulous!! yay for bribery lol - the media is oh-so-worth-it lol :D

  8. that is lovely progress indeed! It's easy to think of all that we're doing wrong now without considering where we started. I'm glad that you don't do that!

  9. Dang girl! You've both made a ton of progress!!

  10. Massive improvements keep up the great work! ☺☺☺