Monday, May 18, 2015

When You Find THE ONE

When you find the one, you just know it's right.
Things just fall into place.
Everything you used to struggle with just seems to disappear.
Then you know, it's the one.
*Cue Angels Singing*
No, I am not talking about the right man. Or even the right horse.
I am talking about the right saddle.

This weekend, H let me ride in her custom Devoucoux Bizzaritz.
And I have to say, it was nice. I liked. I liked a real lot.
The Devoucoux is known for being a very rider-friendly saddle, and now I know why.
I felt like everything just fell into the right place. All my limbs seemed to go exactly where they should, and rest lightly in place. For once, I wasn't fighting to be where I should.
The only thing that gave me pause, is that I have heard negative things about Devoucoux and back soreness. My saddle fitter K absolutely hates them. It is the one saddle brand I have heard her speak out against.
Boca's appointment with the sports medicine vet is Thursday. If saddle fit ends up being the issue, or is compounding an existing issue, a saddle change may be on the agenda.
A certain blogger may or may not have spent some time googling used Devoucoux over the weekend.
So blogland, help educate me. What do YOU know about Devoucoux saddles?


  1. As with all saddles, IMHO, some people love the brand and others hate it. It's such a personal choice! I will say that one girl I rode with has a used Devoucoux (not sure which model) and it works great for her, her QH mare and the TB mare she leases.

  2. Lately their customer service and quality on new saddles has not seemed to be the best. However, I know several who have them and love them. You might want to check out Beval - specifically Beval Butet. I had a Beval Natural that I LOVED (and paid $600 for) and I feel like they ride similarly to Devoucoux.

  3. I have a Devoucoux Makila dressage saddle. From what I''ve seen/heard, the complaints about horse fit seem to be mostly related to their recessed stirrup bars. In the older saddles this sometimes caused pressure points on the horse if they weren't of the right conformation to suit. That problems seems to have been addressed in the newer models though. I personally have never seen any back soreness in my horse since I started riding in the Dev. I love it.

  4. The two bad things I've heard is that a) their customer service sucks and b) the foam panels typically need to be flocked with wool instead to get a good fit most of the time. They do out the rider in a really good position as long as the saddle is it sits balanced on the horse. My mom had one years ago and their rep was horrible to her, so I am not a huge fan of the company itself. If you're buying used and you already have a good saddle fitter, you should be okay :)

  5. A good saddle makes a HUGE difference. I'm not in the French price range (even used), so while I like to sit in the fancy stuff from time to time, I don't have one. I've been lucky enough to to know what I like and sit in lots of saddles, so I can find things with similar balance points that work for me and my horse without the price tag. I haven't been around Devoucoux saddles and can't give specific feedback for that.

  6. my saddle fitter doesn't love most french brands bc they use foam panels instead of wool flocking and i wanted wool. but then again i know exactly that feeling you mean of having found 'the one' and man it's a good feeling!

  7. I know there's some relationship going way back with the Devoucoux and CWD and for the record, I'm not a CWD fan. However, I have a good friend who swears by her Decoucoux. Bought a used one on eBay last year and just bought a brand new one a few months ago. She has a warmblood and rides hunters. Is very happy with it.

  8. I love my dev. and it has fit both of my mares really well, and they hold up mileage-wise very well. Mine turned 10 this year and still looks fantastic! Plus it's like a couch...on a horse. So comfy.