Wednesday, June 3, 2015

And I Want To Thank You...

Okay, so it isn't the best day of my life.
But today is a hell of a lot better than yesterday was.
First, I have to say how unbelievable you guys are. Seriously.
The comments (and email) I received were so supportive and helpful.
I have heard that the internet can be a nasty place sometimes.
I would not have been totally surprised to have gotten a verbal b*tchslap in the comments.
But instead I got practical, real, advice, experience and empathy. That is pretty frickin' cool.
So thank you.
I did go to the barn last night, with no plans to ride.
Boca was really, really back sore. As in, more sore than before the injections.
H was there, and she ran her hand over his back and he literally dropped 3" out from under her. We talked a lot about the rehab instructions from the vet.
H said, if Boca was her horse, she wouldn't even ride him for 30 days. She said, in her opinion, he isn't even ready for the Pessoa rig.
H took us out and gave us a lunge line lesson. She showed me, through transitions within the gait at the walk and trot, how she would go about strengthening his back. H said, if Boca were hers, she wouldn't even bother with the canter much right now, she would build him up through transitions within the walk and trot on the lunge. It made a lot of sense, especially given what I was seeing with my own eyes. But I was concerned, because it contradicts the rehab advice given by the vet.
After we were done lunging, we linaminted his back, put a sheet on him (hello, 45 degrees in June) and I begged H to quit her job, turn Pro and coach us full time. But I digress...
Luckily, the vet is coming out tomorrow to do a re-check on Boca's back.
I sent him an email today to go over my concerns and to ask about a possible adjustment to the rehab schedule, given where Boca is at.
I look forward to finding out more at the vet appointment tomorrow.
I have a saddle rep coming out tonight to try to find a better option than our current saddle.
Not sure how that is going to go, given my pony is very back sore, and I'm really not sure about riding him at all.


  1. I'm so glad H was able to look at Boca and give her opinion -- that can be so valuable sometimes!

    I know this might sound silly, but when the vet comes back don't be afraid/nervous to ask ANYTHING. Sometimes when I'm talking to people who know so much more than I do it's easy to just take them at their word. But it's important to get your concerns out in the open and ask questions even if they're stupid so that you feel comfortable.

    1. In addition--if you're the sort of person who forgets things in the moment (like meeeee), it really helps to make notes of questions you have to make sure your bases are covered. As long as you're polite and interested, most vets are very happy to talk about issues.

  2. H sounds fantastic and I really like her suggestions. I'm glad you have her to lean on. Best of luck with the vet, too.

  3. Oh wow, I am just catching up on your last two posts now. It sounds like you're on top of things (but holy frustrating).

    Is it possible for you to ride a friend's horse or a school horse in the mean time? That was something that really helped me this last year. I could work on myself more and can focus on my position/flaws etc. It also reminded me what a normal horse is supposed to feel like! Also I swear that Back on Track stuff has magical really helps Apollo.

    Sending hugs!

  4. Poor guy! When my mare was coming back into work we were told to walk hills! So I would take her on walks before our lunge sessions and we would walk up and down as many hills as we could find, It seemed to help as she got stronger. Maybe that would also help strength/stretch his back?

  5. glad you have H around as a resource, esp if it's looking like the rehab schedule might be too aggressive. i'd echo what others said about not being afraid to ask the vet anything and making sure you have notes to review. there are always so many different ideas and opinions in the horse world (as two equestriennes a question and get three answers!) - so parsing through it all is never easy. good luck!