Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get With The Program!

Dr. Sports Medicine came out last Thursday to re-check Boca's back and he was very happy with the improvement he saw.
He did this weird thingy (yes that is a scientific term) where he put one hand under his belly and one on his back and undulated his spine.

Sorta like that but with less tits & ass.
Dr. C said Boca's back had much more mobility than the first time he came out, and the areas we had injected did not show any soreness or pain at all.
He did find one area closer to his wither that we had not injected the first time around, that was still painful, so we decided to treat that as well.
I rode Boca under saddle for him, and Dr. C said he wished he had taken a video of the first visit, because he looked so much better under saddle. He was not hollow and braced, or doing any weird mouth things.
Dr. C said that the horse he saw now looked not like a horse in pain, but one that had just been pulled out of a field and was weak and needed conditioning.
I discussed a rehab program with Dr. C. My friend H had suggested 30 days of lunging to strengthen his back without the added complication of supporting a rider. In H's opinion, Boca isn't even ready for a Pessoa rig.
Dr. C recommended I start off with lunging 4x per week and riding 2x per week, then decreasing to lunge 3x per week and riding 3x per week.
The reason I tend to agree with H about the necessity of lunging is that I'm really not that talented a rider that I can get him consistently lifting his back and using himself correctly.
Heck, I even struggle with it on the lunge.
I had booked a lesson for Sunday with L, a visiting trainer that has helped another boarder with rehabbing her mare, both under saddle and on the lunge.
I'm trying to sort out the best program for Boca going forward.
A) Take 1hr lesson a week with L and work on under saddle stuff
B) Forego lessons for a month and pay H to work with Boca at least 2x times a week, lunging and/or riding.
I'm leaning towards doing Option B. I really want to give Boca the best possible foundation to really get him going correctly. I still need to iron out the details with H, but that is the direction I am heading in.
Its been almost 3 weeks of no consistent riding. It feels weird and I miss being on my horse!
One Handsome Dude


  1. Soooooo glad he's feeling better! The important thing is that you have an action plan, and lots of support around you. Soon this will all be behind you and you'll be picking out all the fun events to take him to :)

  2. Loving the good news! I'd definitely pow wow with your training options and make a plan that makes sense to you. Back strength isn't built in a day. I had Courage almost a year before I could sit on him to canter. ;-)

  3. Back strength is one of the toughest muscles to build in the horse, IMO. One thing that helped Miles was stretches in the early stages. I did carrot stretches before and after rides, and every once in a while I did back lifts (i ran a hoof pick lightly on his belly, so he'd lift his back up and "crunch" his abs).

  4. I like option A- this gives you time to learn as well and it will pay off in the long run.

  5. Great news! Both options sound great, look forward to seeing you both back in action :)

  6. what a relief that the treatment appears to be working. the rehab options definitely seem tough to weigh too... i'd be curious to start out with option A, then maybe switch to B if it's not working. but really i don't know. good luck!

  7. Glad that he's feeling better! It's good that you have an action plan. I always feel better when I have help with things I'm unsure of ie back strengthening. Even if it's just a second set of eyes that can correct my mistakes.