Friday, June 26, 2015

Oooh La La - French Saddles and Other Developments

In which I join the fancy french saddle lovin' bandwagon...
Yes, in a completely ridiculous development, my $1500 ranch broke former western horse apparently has a taste for expensive french saddles.
Now, I am no tack snob. I would happily rock a purple bedazzled Wintec if it was the right fit for my horse. I actually am kind of jealous of Bobby and his plastic tack, of $900 Facebook Pony fame.
I would totally rock this
I am the last person to jump on any trend - I don't have an iPhone, I never owned an iPod, I've never owned Uggs or Crocs or designer jeans.
I am slowly becoming a convert of the fine french saddle. The Devoucoux Barritz will continue to be my 'Saddle of Dreams' and someday, if I have the $$$$, I will own one.
But I have to say, my used Butet is a close 2nd, and Boca agrees.  The balance is incredible.

One thing that frustrates me a little is that I *thought* I had done the right thing with his last saddle. Following the advice of my saddle fitter, foam saddles were THE DEVIL, a Thinline Pad would set his back on fire and for God's sake DO NOT use a French Saddle on him or you will ruin his back forever.
Guess what setup seems to be working?
You guessed it. A foam-filled French saddle with a Thinline Pad.
Grrrr. The horse world.
In other developments, Boca has been doing well.We've been doing a combo of lunging and riding as per Doctor's orders. He's been a pretty happy guy and is always happy to see me.
I have been keeping a journal of our rides and activities. H suggested I put a happy face or a frowny face for each day, so I can have an easy visual for evaluating our overall process.

I've been pretty diligent about keeping it up. I wouldn't want it to be said that I didn't do my part.


  1. People love to villianize the foam flocked saddle, but honestly I've had more luck with them and halfpads than I have with wool being "custom fitted" constantly to the horse. I go with what works. And wait til I tell Bobby how famous he is!!!

  2. Butet's are lovely. Also I am with Amanda, Foam saddles are awesome, my horses never had a problem with them.

  3. I love my French foam saddle. Best saddle purchase I ever made!

  4. Yeah saddle fitters seem to be like the rest of the horse world with their wide array of opinions and do's and don'ts, but I absolutely love my thinline pads and they totally keep Tucker's back happier than anything else I've tried. One saddle fitter told me they're awful, one said she loves them and recommends them. I guess in the end it's just trial and error! Glad he's going well. Also I love Butets, I used to have one and now jump in a Bruno Delgrange saddle that I also love.

  5. it is beautiful!!! i went with a wool flocked saddle at the recommendation of my fitter bc ultimately she's got more experience than i do - but really the proof is in the pudding and if this set up is working for Boca that is ALL that matters!!! also love the happy face / frowny face idea - keeps it very simple!

  6. Don't be jealous!! Try the new WintecLite - the gel bottom basically conforms to Halo's back, I don't even have to use a support pad anymore because of it! Plus it weighs nothing so less weight on his back. Sounds like you got a solution though! I am biased, I love plastic tack!!

  7. I would freakin love a purple wintec! I spent 5700 on a custom saddle (proceeds of a car accident) for my 1500 horse... and it doesn't fit him. Never did, never will. Apollo loves his cheapie fugly treeless monstrosity. I am a fan of whatever works best for the horse! :) Boca has much better taste than Apollo ;)

  8. I can commiserate... But those French saddles are like sitting on a cloud!!

  9. I'm getting ready to have the saddle fitter out for my new guy. I'll be thrilled if I can get away with a thinline pad under my foam ( I think?) saddle.