Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trailering Issues, Floppy Ammy Style

I have much to share with you all, including that I bought a fancy french saddle and went cross-country schooling by accident.
Of course, because I am a terrible blogger, I have no media, hence the lack of blog posts on the aforementioned topics.
Instead, I bring to you all my very own self-created trailering issue, because I am, above all things, a Floppy Ammy, and I still make stupid, ridiculous mistakes in this sport.
Luckily, my horse is a saint and mostly saves me from myself.
You don't say?
I may have fallen a bit silent over the last week or two, but I have been out there on the interwebz, and I know a few fellow bloggers are having the darnest time with trailering issues and their critters. All I can say is I feel your pain and I wish you the best. Loading a 1200+ lb animal in a tin can on wheels is a daunting prospect in the best of circumstances.
Luckily, Boca has always been an awesome loader and hauler, no thanks to me.
He walks on any trailer, alone or with company, hauls quietly for any length of time, happily unloads and stands tied to the trailer
His eyes are actually closed in this picture. Ball of fire, I tell you.

Saturday, my friend H scored the opportunity for us to ship over to the local hunt club and school on their private grounds. To say I was excited was an understatement. I was more like a kid given the keys to Disneyland and let loose to run amok.
We took H's huge Gooseneck instead of my bumper-pull. I loaded Boca on and latched the tie to the upper ring of his halter, the one on his cheek. I ususally clip the tie in my own trailer to the ring under his chin. Take note, this becomes important later.
H and I drove over, where we met up with H's friend L, who had so kindly given us access to the grounds. We chatted and got acquainted while we unloaded our tack and got set up.
H went onto the trailer first, and unloaded her large mare Piglet.
Next it was my turn to unload Boca.
I hopped up in the trailer, snapped my lead shank onto his halter and asked him to back up.
I was perplexed. Boca has NEVER given me any issue getting on or off any trailer.
I put my hand on his chest and gave him a little push to indicate it was time to get off.
His feet did not move.
Now I am wondering what the heck is going on. Piglet is already off the trailer, which is added incentive for Boca to disembark. H and L are asking what is going on and if I need any help. I ask Boca to back again and give him a sharp tap on the chest with my hand, to let him know I mean business.
At this point, he is tense and giving me the white side-eye, but his feet are still not moving.
It is around this time that I finally figure out THAT HE IS STILL TIED TO THE TRAILER.
I am asking my horse to back and smacking him in the chest, and all the while my poor horse is still clipped by the halter to the trailer tie.
You can't fix stupid.
I unclipped poor Boca and backed him off, apologizing to him over and over. H and L had a good laugh at my expense and assured me they had done it themselves at one time or another, with worse results.
And that, my friends, is why I am still a Floppy Ammy, and my horse is worth his weight in gold.


  1. Oh no hahaha! That sounds like something I would do :P

  2. Good boy Boca. Tucker would have killed us all because he always does what the human says with no thoughts of self-preservation, ever, for better or worse. But yes we've all done that. Haha. Humans are dumb sometimes.

    Also at least TELL us about the x-country and take pics of the fancy saddle so we can ooh and ahh. And tell us how Boca is doing! Better I hope?

  3. Hahahaha! Oh man, I cannot count the number of stupid sh*t I've done. Thank goodness for tolerant, easy-going horses.

  4. I have done this exact same thing.. more than once.

  5. oooooooh I have so done that. Thankfully, it was with my old man and not Courage. The old fellow was incredibly sainted and all was well, but yeah... not something I want to repeat.

    FRENCH SADDLE? You gotta spill, girl.

  6. we got home from an hour long drive after a long day at a show to discover that one horse's butt bar was never secured... oh and he also managed to break his halter... he was fine tho - no sweating, no nervousness, no injuries... just some airheaded (and tired) riders... oops! also - super excited to hear about that saddle and the schooling!!!

  7. Loooove a sensible pony. Good work Boca!

  8. Oh, I've seen it done. I was at the receiving end of a horse who very compliantly broke his halter backing up when his owner, who was at his head, asked him to. He flew off the trailer, very worried, and I reached up and grabbed his nose. He seemed relieved to be caught.

  9. must hear about the saddle and other stuff :)
    I love that Boca saves you from yourself

  10. Thank god my girl auto-parks herself on and off the trailer, I've definitely done stuff like this plenty of times! Good pony Boca :)