Friday, July 17, 2015

#EquestrianWife Fail

From time to time, I like to document the funny things my non-horsey husband comes up with. I swear, I should do a series. This one might take the cake. Poor hubby!
Tomorrow is Boca's and My first introduction to Foxhunting.
It is called 'Hound Exercise' and is a good way to introduce your horse to riding in a group with hounds. It is very slow paced (walk/trot) and there are experienced fox hunters to help you along. H and I are taking our two inexperienced mounts. H has decided we need to make a good first impression, and has informed me we will be cleaning all our tack and polishing our boots, etc.
With that in mind, I decided to bring home my black & gold fly bonnet that matches my black & gold embroidered square pad. This bonnet has been in heavy rotation and needs a good hand-washing to be presentable for tomorrow.
I left it on the counter in the kitchen, next to the sink so that I wouldn't forget to wash it when I get home later tonight. (where else would a dirty ear bonnet go, besides on your kitchen counter next to the sink?)
This morning, hubby goes down to the kitchen and discovers something on the counter. It is black. It is stringy. It is only a little bit of cloth and some flashy gold trim. Hubby thinks I brought home a sexy present for him. Then, he picks it up and detects the faint eau de horse eminating from it. And realises this is not, in fact, anything from Victoria's Secret.
It is just another smelly horse artifact that I brough home to litter our house with.
Poor Hubs. I laughed and laughed when I heard that one. That poor man!
I promise to have updates on Monday from our excursion, and hopefully some pictures too!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hahahah, that's pretty awesome! Not to try and ruin your plan, but check with the attire. When I hunted, turnout was super traditional and bonnets wouldn't have been allowed.

    1. I checked! It is informal dress. Square pads and ear bonnets allowed. Attire for riders is polos/collared shirt and breeches. :)

  2. OMG! Funniest thing ever :)

  3. That's funny!

    The fox hunting sounds awesome. :)

  4. LOL... at least he didn't try it on!

  5. ahh omg hahaha poor hubby!! have fun on your hunt!

  6. oh that is hilarious. I think you should go get something from Victoria's Secret :)