Monday, August 10, 2015

Learning to Fly

We're Alive! I swear!

I know we seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.
It seems as I get busier actually riding, I have less time to blog.

I also really wanted to get media to do a recap on our Hound Exercise outing, but it seems even begging, pleading and offering money is not going to get the professional photographer to hurry up and post the photos anytime soon. I've actually kind of given up. I assume they'll pop up online someday down the road when the memory of actually going is in the distant past.

What has been going on, you might ask?
Boca has been learning to horse.

I can't even tell you how awesome he has been. We've been learning so much with the help of my awesome friend H, who I think I have finally convinced to turn Pro and save us aspiring Ammies from ourselves.

We've come so far in such a short time. The back injections and training with H have been what helped us turn the corner. We even have a show on our upcoming schedule.

H set up a grid on Saturday which taught me just how much I need to support Boca.
One thing is for sure, he is a game little horse and seems to love jumping.
He never says no, never loses his patience, bears no grudges when I make mistakes or flail. We're learning together and it's a pretty cool thing.

Last week, we went to a local barn and did a cross country school.
We didn't go with H, which was kind of a mistake, as we (both Boca and I) saw all the jumps and our brains kind of fell out of our heads.

I scrapped doing an actual warm up, doing transitions and getting him balanced and listening to me. Something happens when I get out on a cross country course. My brain dribbles out my ears and I hear the clarion call of my Irish ancestors yelling "Jump All The Things!!!"  I don't want to teach him that jumping means run madly and fling yourself over with maxium enthusiasm.

But, I remembered my fellow blogger's habits of looking at the positives, I will say, we refused nothing and I stayed with him on his most maxium of efforts.



I think we can all agree, Pony's got Hops.


  1. Look at him go! Great pics :)

  2. Pony most certainly has hops! That is awesome!

  3. HE JUMPS SO CUTE! Very happy for y'all.

    woo hoo Boca.

  5. So exciting that things have been moving forward so well! Yay Boca! And that looks like a fab XC school to top it off. :)

  6. lol 'maximum enthusiasm ENGAGED!!!!' you guys look great and i'm so happy to hear you're having so much fun with him!!! all your trials and tribulations paid off :) also, i love the new banner pic!

  7. Aww look how cute he is!! You guy are looking great :) :)

  8. He looks awesome! So happy to read a positive update!

  9. So cute. Those jumps are clearly trying to eat his toes.

  10. Boca says "ABSOLUTELY NO TOUCHY!" lol