Friday, September 11, 2015

What have we been up to???

Never fear, Boca and I have not disappeared off the planet. We were not eaten by flying spaghetti monsters. I just suddenly and completely lost the urge to blog. Mea Culpa.
But, I am back and I have pictures!
On Aug 30th Boca and I made our debut over fences at a schooling show. For all our off property adventures, Boca and I have only been to one other show, where we showed in Green Horse W/T. The day was interesting and highlighted some areas where we need mileage.
My plan was to do the 2' Hopeful Hunter division. I like hunter classes because 1) I get to use my black composite stirrups (hey, it's the little things) and 2) the courses are simple and do not short-circuit my horse show brain.
The first change in plan came when I saw how the 2' course was set.  It was set really, really solid with a lot of fill. Height normally doesn't get to me, but for our first out, this course was intimidating . For reference, here is H and Piglet in the 2' Hopeful Hunter class.
Because it was our first time showing over fences, I didn't want to overface Boca or I. I made the decision to drop us down to the crossrail division.
One of the interesting things I learned from the show is that, although Boca and I have a lot of miles trail riding, hunter pacing and cross-country schooling, one thing we do not have down is horse showing. I learned that Boca thinks we get off the trailer, saddle up and GO.
He was very confused by getting off the trailer and hanging around.
Also, it appears Boca and I share the same brain. Or maybe my neuroses just manifest themselves in him. When it was time to get on and school, it was like there was a three-ring circus going on in both our brains. Neither of us were nervous - it was more like we were both amped up and distracted.  "Ooooh food trucks!  Ooooh look at that flag!  Hey, did you see those horses over there?  Hey look there is S and her trainer!" H had to come straighten us out as it was clear that neither one of us could put our brains back in our heads long enough to focus on silly things like pace, rhythm, straightness, etc. We were both in run-and-gun mode.
The unfortunate thing about changing divisions was that it moved us from the first class of the day in Ring 1, to the last class of the day in Ring 2. Which meant that long-suffering horse hubby, who drove 45 minutes to come watch us show, arrived just in time to be told we'd be showing in about 6 hours from the appointed time. Sadly, he didn't get to see us ride, but we did get to spend some quality horse-show bonding time.
By the time our classes rolled around, it was the end of a long, hot day.
I was pretty pleased with our performance. We accomplished our goals of staying organized and making good decisions. We didn't have any funky distances or take any flyers. I trotted where I needed to trot, and got leads where I needed to get leads.
Super cute horse is super cute.
Overall, it was a solid first out, even if we did get the pants beat off of us by a bunch of short stirrup kids on their adorable ponies!
This kid beat the pants off us.  Horse showing... it's humiliating.
My goal is to do something with Boca off-property every weekend until the miserable cold and dark of winter desends. This weekend, we go to a schooling jumper show to see if we can redeem ourselves in the 2' division. Hopefully all the pony kids stay home!


  1. Aw, he looks great! Always better to make the decision not to overface you & your horse when he's green in his show career.

  2. You look great! Congrats on a successful outing!

  3. haha i know exactly what you mean about 'run and gun' mode! sounds like a great day tho - and Boca looks freakin adorable. congrats!!

  4. Yay! Congrats. You two look great. Good luck at the next show.

  5. Kids are sneaky little bitches who win all the satin. Glad you had a good experience!

  6. Way to go! Excited to hear about future outings :)
    Maybe give those annoying children some candy... ;)

  7. Children will wreck your classes every time! Can't wait to read about the jumper show!