Friday, October 16, 2015

No Comment (s)

I try to be a regular commenter on all the blogs I read.
Even though I do not post as often as I used to, I still read everyone's blogs daily.
I'm out here... lurking.
One thing you may have noticed (or maybe not, because I give myself too much credit that ya'll are giving any thought to my comments at all) is that I haven't been able to comment as often on other people's blogs. :(
The browser on my laptop is no longer supported and thus has disabled most comment boxes on people's blogs. I get a greyed out box that I can't click on. They easy answer would be to upgrade my browser, but because it is company property (ahem, cough, cough), I don't have administrative rights to download. Wah, wah.
That is not the only issue. The other issue is that I can't get on Smartpak's website at all! Quelle Horror!!! #FirstWorldProblems
Other than that, life is pretty fine.
Boca and I are entering the next chapter of our training, in which we are trying to develop an adjustable canter and can actually find some distances.
Of course, it would be nice if I had some actual new media since June.
As we hit the next stage of our development, I promise I will try to be better at capturing some of it on film or video. I swear.
Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Significance of Ribbons

Over the years, my ideas on the significance of ribbons has changed.
I was your typical kid with the ribbon wall in my bedroom at home.
The blues, reds and yellows had significantly more importance than the browns, greens and pinks. The circumstances surrounding their aquisition meant nothing at all.
Now that  I am older, it is less about the ribbons and more about the milestones and achievements. In fact, I don't usually even pick up my ribbons, unless they have some meaning to me. I know events are costly to put on, so I figure if I leave them to be recycled for the next event, I am doing a good thing.
But sometimes ribbons DO have significance, and these days, they're likely to be completely divorced from what color they are.
Take, for instance, the ribbons below:
These are two sixth place ribbons, in a class full of six entries.
Some people might shove them down at the bottom of a tack box or in a drawer at home.
But I will hang on to these ribbons, and what they mean to me.
One perk is that they are beautiful ribbons. I love the unique teal offset color, in place of the more traditional white. But more importantly, these ribbons represent our first time jumping a 2'3" course. Not only did we both jump our first 2'3" course, but in my eyes, we did a damn good job.
In our first round, we had no rails and 1 refusal. And you know why we had a refusal? Because I took my leg off and stared at the jump. Boca did his part, and I learned something very important. The next round, we went back in, I kept my eyes up and my leg on, and we had Zero refusals and Zero rails. We still finished last. And I couldn't be prouder.
2 Weeks ago, we did a schooling show on our farm. I had taked a few weeks off from actively jumping, and had been working on the flat. I hadn't jumped a course in weeks, but I figured it was a good opportunity to practice and it would support the farm. The weather forecast had been questionable, so the turnout for the show didn't end up being big.
I entered Boca in the 2'-2'3" Puddle Jumpers class. It was kind of rough. We're at a point right now where we're trying to figure out and improve some training issues. There were only 2 entries in the class. The first round, we had a few rails, some funky distances and some flyers. But, we didn't go off course, so we earned second place.
Our second trip was pretty much the same, with only 1 rail this time. The girl I was competing again was having a lovely round, and I was about to resign myself to another second place, when she saw one distance to the last fence, her horse saw another and she ended up coming off. It was an unfortunate end to an otherwise great round, but that is horse showing. By default, Boca and I ended up with the blue ribbon.
If you only look at the picture, of me grinning and Boca proudly wearing his 1st and 2nd place ribbons, you might draw some entirely different conclusion. We were not the best on this day, despite what the ribbons said.
One additional takeaway was that the girl I was competing against was on a seasoned show horse, one that had experience over many courses, at many shows, for many years. I was proud of the fact that Boca and I represented ourselves well, in what is the very beginning of our journey.
What makes Diamonds special? Are they inherently more valuable than rubies? Than emeralds? Than pearls? Diamonds are valueable entirely because of the significance we attribute to them. In my mind, horse show ribbons are the same.