Monday, February 29, 2016

Of Slow Feeders and Stall Toys

Boca continues to do awesome 10 days post surgery. So far, there have been no complications, which makes me happier than I can type about. The bandage came off on Friday to reveal 3 small, neatly stitched incisions.

Not Yucky
We're already finished with antibiotics and pain meds, which is great. I no longer need to make the twice daily trek out to the barn to shove oral meds into a reluctant pony.

The full rehab protocol is:
Week 1-4 Stall rest with daily handwalking
Week 5-8 Turnout in a small paddock plus daily lunging in a Pessoa rig.

At the end of 8 weeks, we'll take another set of x-rays, and if those look good, we will get the ok to start back up under saddle.

You know what is more boring than watching paint dry? Hand walking. In an indoor. Around and around and around, ad infinitum. Boca is on a low dose of Reserpine, which, combined with his good nature equals no shenannigans. Just the two of us, stumbling along. Not sure who is less entertained.

Speaking of entertainment, when my horse got bored of eating, I decided to rig some stall toys to break up the day. I really wanted to get the Nose-It ball from SmartPak. At least 3 friends who have had horses on stall rest swear by these, but I am too cheap to spend $45 on a toy. So I decided to rig a little DIY stall toy for him, using baling twine, an Uncle Jimmy's treat and a borrowed Jolly Ball. I was pretty impressed with the results. You can skip to :49 for maxium goofiness.

The stitches come out a week from today and we can move on to more exciting stuff, such as walking up and down hills and over poles and cavaletti.

Not sure how I will handle the excitement! In all seriousness, this probably came about in the best part of the year. I'm not missing any glorious riding weather. It's not snowy or icy enough to make handwalking dangerous, and it isn't warm enough for dirty, disease spreading, annoying flies. Bonus, I guess?


  1. Dude, I hear ya about the bore of handwalking. Pretty much my least favorite thing - especially in an indoor. Glad he's doing well though!

  2. it will go faster than you think. I'm glad that it all went well. Boca seems to be really enjoying his toy

  3. So glad to hear recovery is going well!

  4. Wow, that is pretty perfect timing. Fabulous!

    And yes. Handwalking=so boring.

  5. awww he's super cute with that rigged up toy! fingers crossed that his recovery keeps chugging along so easily!

  6. Awww, so cute playing with his toy. Hope everything continues to go well!

  7. Just getting caught up, so glad to hear about all of this. Especially the boring hand walking!

  8. Well yeah it is good timing when you put it that way hehe. He loves his toy!! Good job rigging that up. :D Some horses like empty milk jugs with rocks in them hanging on the wall too. It's like a baby rattle for horses lol and it doesn't matter if they destroy it. :D