Monday, April 11, 2016

All Clear

Dr. C came out on Friday for the 8 week re-check and we got the all clear to return to under saddle work!

Look!  Tack!
The X-rays came out fantastic. Dr. C said the result was as optimal as we could have asked for. He'll be sending the x-rays to Dr. Garcia for review, but expects him to be very pleased as well.

For the next week, we'll lunge 3 or 4 times under tack before we get back to real riding.

Mr. Sassypants

Of course, as soon as we get the all clear to return to under saddle work, I get sent to Houston on a business trip. I'll have the resident trainer lunge Boca two times while I am gone, and when I return....   we'll be back in business. I am strangely excited and also dreading how bad we (ahem, I) will be.

Proof that he can, in fact, canter. Sort of.

Also - a BIG SHOUTOUT to CareyP for making me the awesome blog header and resizing it for me to fit in Blogger.


  1. Yay!!!! That is fantastic!
    The header looks great!

  2. woohoo! And I like the header too.

  3. Yay for a new header and that your guy is back to work!

  4. Aw I love the header!!!! And so exciting to get back in business :D

  5. YAY! That's great news. Love the new header.

  6. WOOOHOOO! So glad the re-check went great :D

  7. Excellent news and your header looks fantastic!! I'm excited for you guys. :-)

  8. Yayy! Hopefully it's good times from here on out!

  9. So happy for you!! Love the header :)

  10. Yay!!!! That is so awesome. I'm so happy he has healed so well and that you get to start riding again. :D

    The new header is great!